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MI Civil Rights Bill GALLERY: 200 Rally In Rain, Fog To Oppose 'Religious Freedom' Bill In Michigan Legislature

LANSING - Approximately 200 people gathered Tuesday in a light rain and heavy fog to protest against legislation waiting for a possible vote in the Michigan Senate in the last days of the current legislative session. The rally was in opposition to the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act (MiRFRA) introduced by House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall). READ MORE.

Creep of the Week: Craig James

People who think two guys kissing or two women same-sexing is really icky and makes Jesus cry don't typically say that gays and lesbians should be killed. Prayed for? Check. READ MORE.

Mich-issippi Burning: Marriage Equality, Anti-Gay Animus and Majoritarian Politics

In an increasing number of domains, from worker rights, to marriage inequality, to state-imposed "Emergency Managers," almost exclusively in majority-minority cities, Michigan is becoming known as the "Mississippi of the North," hence the moniker "Mich-issippi." READ MORE.


All signs point to a resurgence of "faith-based" politics that almost surely will produce legislation and resultant policies that will have their ground in uncritical religious and ideological belief systems. READ MORE.

Theater Curtain Goes Down On Curtain Calls

Back in the summer of 2001 when co-publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz placed a small ad in the newspaper seeking to hire someone to help expand their theater coverage, little did they anticipate that the middle-aged, bald and bespectacled gentleman who responded would still be there 13-and-a-half years later. READ MORE.

Theater 'Wicked' Still Casts A Powerful Spell

"Wicked" has long been typecast as "a girl thing," but while watching the newest touring production of the Oz-inspired stage musical... READ MORE.

Theater Beck Bubbles As Avonlea's Anne

When you have a strong asset, you're going to use it. Especially when that asset has proved repeatedly she's up to whatever is asked of her. READ MORE.

Royal Oak Fend Off Winter Freeze With Sing Out Detroit

LGBT concerts aren't over for the season just yet! Sing Out Detroit, southeast Michigan's LGBT and allied chorus, will perform their holiday show, "FA-LA-LA FROZEN," in Royal Oak this weekend. The winter celebration has "a little something for every member of the family." READ MORE.

Holiday Gift Guide The Ultimate Guide To Gay Gift Giving

What do you get a gay who has everything? Take your pick from these ideas, perfect for LGBT foodies, techies, explorers and more. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Study Finds Significant Racial Disparities For HIV Infection Among Black And White MSM

A study published in the journal The Lancet HIV reports that there is a significant disparity in HIV prevalence between black and white men who have sex with men. The study was published on Nov. 18 and found a startling 32 percent prevalence rate for black men who have sex with men, compared with only eight percent for white men who have sex with men.

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