Dental health: Bad teeth are a bite Oral health is a window to overall well being

By Jan Stevenson

Cavities, scary and painful dentist visits and the dreaded drill are becoming distant memories for the modern dental patient. Dentistry, like all medical sciences, has made huge strides in recent decades.

The new buzz in dentistry is comfort, peace, relaxation and cosmetic enhancement. The professionals at the Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills reflect this new and improved trend in dental care.

"We try to keep the atmosphere as warm and comfortable as possible," said Dr. Aziza Askari, principle dentist at Comfort Dental Spa.

Dr. Askari's commitment to making her patients feeling good about going to the dentist goes beyond simply a desire to provide comfort for its own sake. Research has shown that a lot of the chronic diseases start with the mouth.

"There is research coming out every day that dental care is a window to a person's overall health," said Dr. Askari. "I see people who haven't been to the dentist for 10, 15 or more years due to a traumatic experience at the dentist. I want to change that.

"I want our practice to help people become more health conscience and become healthier overall. I want our patients to have a healthy smile that is radiating a healthy self," she said.

Comfort, relaxation and even pampering is the essence of Comfort Dental Spa, which includes not just full service dental care, but a beauty spa too. Clients can enjoy a complete facial and massage as part of their trip to the dentist.

"We basically undertook the spa aspect as part of the new concept that people come to the dentist as a very relaxing experience," said Askari. "We see one patient at a time - not a lot of confusion. There are refreshments, our interior decor is not the typical medical office. We give our patients warm mitts and blankets, and even headphones if they would rather sleep through their procedures."

Brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist provide what most people need to keep their teeth throughout their lives. There is one threat to one's teeth that everyone needs to watch out for, and that's periodontal (gum) disease. It is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

"Prevention is the best thing," said Dr. Ron Williamson, dentist in Huntington Woods. "The greatest thing someone can do to prevent or to slow its [gum disease] progression is to quit smoking. Obviously, we can see developing problems in the visible mouth tissues, but it is also an indication of what is going on where we can't see."

Williamson said he doesn't believe people are often born with "bad teeth," a label that many older Americans bore when they lost their teeth at an early age.

"Sometimes the enamel isn't formed properly, but those instances are more rare than common. Genetic factors are very low in comparison to good home care and regular dentist visits," said Williamson who explained that geography used to play a greater role in a person's dental health before fluoride was added to practically all drinking water, and is in toothpastes and mouth rinses. "Fluoride is everywhere now, so the decay rate has really gone down."

Good dental care is an integral factor in good overall health, said Williamson. "A study recently showed that there's one simple thing you can do to extend your lifespan by three years - and that is flossing!" he said, referring to a study on the health website

So the message is, take care of your teeth and they should last you a life time.


It is important that LGBT patients feel comfortable enough with their health care providers to be honest about their entire lives and their family relationships. These dentists advertise in BTL, and are actively seeking LGBT patients to come to their practices, and we recommend that you call them next time it's time for your regular dental checkup:

Comfort Dental Spa

Asiza Askari, DDS

33966 West 8 Mile Rd., Ste. 104

Farmington Hills, MI 48335


Keith Nowicki, DDS

32545 Garfield

Fraser, MI 48026


Valerie A Sabb, DDS

27459 West Warren

Garden City, MI 48135


Ron T. Williamson, DDS

26789 Woodward Ave., Ste. 101

Huntington Woods, MI 48070


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