Five questions with Kate

Comedienne tells us whether she's a maverick and who'll win the election (Obama - duh!)

By Chris Azzopardi

What will you do if Sarah Palin gets into office?

First of all, quit introducing that possibility into the world. I intend to stay in my beloved old country and try to make her life a living hell.

How hot is Sarah Palin?

Hot enough to ignite mobs of terrified people to violence.

Are you a maverick?

If by "maverick" you mean someone who supported George Bush 90 percent of the time, I am an anti-maverick.

What do we need to do to solve the financial crisis?

Revisit what FDR did, with emphasis on the creation of civilian corps to solve national problems.

Who will win and why?

Barack Obama will win. The so-called Bradley effect will be swamped by the Palin effect. People who say they will vote for McCain-Palin will get in the voting booth, remember what their recent bank statement looks like and without anyone looking over their shoulder, they'll pull the lever of Obama-Biden.

Kate Clinton

7 p.m. Oct. 24

Affirmations, Ferndale

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