"Direct Hits"

Q Puzzle


1 Lorca's mouth

5 Singular men's shorts?

10 Without a date

14 Ryan of porn

15 "The closet" opening?

16 Prod with a rod

17 "Kinsey" director

19 "Take a crack ___"

20 Not out

21 One who wears a capote

23 Da. that the Stonewall riots began

24 "Hairspray" director Adam

26 "The Family Stone" director Bezucha

29 Stand next to Cassatt

30 Area of expertise for Ted Allen

31 "Daisy Miller" author James

33 Larry Kramer and peers

37 Pride bracelet's place

38 "Cats" inspirer's monogram

39 Breeder need

40 "Leave that alone!" to Jon Barrett

42 Sucker

44 Figure out in your head

45 Actor Milo of "Oz"

47 "Independence Day" director Emmerich

49 "Chicago" director Rob

52 Hydrocarbon ending

53 Rubber

54 Vin Packer and Ann Bannon, for example

58 Actress Collette

59 "My Own Private Idaho" director

62 Infamous Idi

63 Master's demand for oral sex

64 Switch end

65 Singer k.d.

66 Garbo, for one

67 Sound like Harvey Fierstein


1 Netanyahu, from the land of the cut

2 Top Norse deity

3 Cock opening

4 1984 Lily Tomlin movie

5 Like a crude dude, say

6 Scores for Burke

7 "___ be my pleasure!"

8 WWII area

9 Genre for Marion Zimmer Bradley

10 Shine, like Liberace's rings

11 Family figure

12 "The Seven Samurai" director Kurosawa

13 Invitation to mount

18 Food Network chef Cat

22 "A Chorus Line" song

24 Homoerotic, e.g.

25 Women-only part of Arab household

26 Christmas poem opening

27 Al who blew it

28 Bottom's offer to pay?

32 Waters of the blues

34 Marlene's role in "Blue Angel"

35 Sergei of "The Opposite of Sex"

36 Material for Sylvia Beach?

41 Having sex for one, with "off"

42 Uses plastic at Barneys, e.g.

43 Sacred head

44 One who tickles you pink

46 "Murder, ___ Meowed"

48 Words that come after "come"

49 It may be picked up in a bar

50 It arouses two body openings

51 Took to the police station

54 Regressive diva?

55 Comic-juggler Felder

56 Actor John of "Nowhere" and "Flawless"

57 " Bus ___ "

60 Gay-friendly Detroit org.

61 Cross-dresser Jeanne d'Arc, for one

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