The BTL Voter's Guide: Highlights

Elections like the one coming up in less than two weeks can be overwhelming for voters. Who are the candidates? Who supports what? Who in your district is behind the issues you care about, like LGBT rights?

We're here to help. Our comprehensive, 20-page Voter's Guide gives you the inside scoop to who we endorse, who's your best pick and who is up for election in your district.

Here are some of the highlights of our endorsements.

<HEADER National elections>

President: Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) Supports repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Supports national HIV/AIDS strategy and funding increases. Supports anti-bullying and discrimination legislation and sponsored inclusive non-discrimination bill in Illinois. Voted against federal amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Supports repeal of DOMA. Supports full adoption rights for same-sex couples. Strongly endorsed by BTL.

<HEADER State-wide elections>

U.S. Senate: Carl Levin (D) Has attended AIDS Walk Detroit and Triangle State Dinner. Delivered federal grant to Ruth Ellis Center. Supports workplace anti-discrimination legislation and corporate equality.

Michigan Supreme Court: Diane Hathaway. Supports fair and equal treatment by judicial system of all persons. Opposes Supreme Court decision to use Prop. 2 to take away health care benefits. Supports full adoption rights for same-sex couples.

<HEADER U.S. Congressional Districts>

Seventh Congressional District: Mark Schauer (D) Endorsed by Triangle Pride PAC.

Ninth Congressional District: Gary Peters (D) Endorsed by Triangle Pride PAC. Supports full marriage equality for same-sex couples.

<HEADER Some local highlights:>

Oakland County Treasurer: Andy Meisner (D)

Ann Arbor City Council: Sandi Smith (D) Openly lesbian. Was on the board of the Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project. Supports equal rights for Ann Arbor residents regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

98th State House District: Garnet Lewis (D) Openly lesbian. Endorsed by Michigan Equality and Triangle Pride PAC.

27th State House District: Ellen Cogen Lipton (D) Supports full marriage equality for same-sex couples. Supports full adoption rights for same-sex couples.

For more information, see our Voter's Guide, tucked inside of this week's issue of Between The Lines. Or visit our Web site at

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