Sliced Fruit


1 Able to bend over

6 Big swallow

10 Poke with a stick

14 Fruit sliced in 55-Across

15 "Hi" to Lorca

16 Round dance

17 Split from between the sheets

19 Fail to include

20 Prefix in a kids' clothing line

21 Carefree adventure

22 Thick soup

24 Toward writer Harper?

26 Bean of "Desperate Housewives"

27 Lodging place

28 Pink symbol

31 Prop department jewelry

34 TV bunch member

35 Brit. word ref

36 Publisher Adolph

37 Cook in butter

38 Greeting for a mate

39 One of "Fifty Million Frenchmen"

40 Subway token taker

41 Luxuriates at South Beach, e.g.

42 Columbus blowout

44 Fuel up

45 Inspiring city for Van Gogh

46 Diana, to the Greeks

50 Chevy Chase and others

52 "Gone ___ the Wind"

53 Tattoo's place, often

54 Presbyterian activist Michael

55 Ran off with some big bucks

58 Fruit sliced in 17-Across

59 Emerald isle

60 Drama queen's emotion, perhaps

61 They move your dinghy

62 Title document

63 Zipper piece


1 Star in Perseus

2 They go down south for the winter

3 Cho's "___ One That I Want"

4 Bud's comic bud

5 Start, like Earhart

6 Small fragment

7 Operate properly

8 Kind of will

9 A rainbow flag symbolizes this

10 Type of torpedo, to Odo

11 Caesar worshipped them

12 First ed.

13 Fruit sliced in 33-Down

18 Pull down

23 Key opening

25 Mental acuity

26 Take the soapbox

28 In all honesty

29 Dike problem

30 Maker of some fruity flavors

31 Come down in buckets

32 Problem for skin

33 Rust, like the Tin Man

34 Prepares to cast

37 Under pressure

38 Peter's place

40 Barneys event

41 Where you can stand to be naked

43 Busybodies

44 Art deco illustrator

46 Felt bad

47 Fruit sliced in 11-Down

48 Start of a legal conclusion

49 "March of the Women" composer Ethel

50 Melissa may attach one to her neck

51 Conception

52 Tested, to Marc Jacobs

56 Neither a win nor a loss

57 "Double Fantasy" artist

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