Michiganders respond to the Community Center Network's Hunger 4 Equality

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I would like to join the hunger strike. Thank you for your brave leadership and the attention you're drawing to our lives. Full of love for all of you.

-David Musselwhite

Good for the Community Center Network. Please keep me posted and let me know how we can help. XOXO

-Stephanie Loveless

I understand the message as well, but I don't think that we have to starve ourselves to prove a point or get a message out to people. I really don't think that people will care if a few people starve themselves when there are some countries with starving people. Starving ourselves is disrespectful towards the people who are starving for real.

-Sam Manilla

If I may, Sam, it is not about starving ourselves. Going hungry for a 24-hour period of time is not going to cause a person to starve. It is a small sacrifice that I can make as part of a community that HUNGERS for equal rights.

-Lisa Ross

It will let people know we truly want to be equal, but I'm not so sure a hunger strike was the best idea. It's worth a shot though.

-Kody Miller

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