Not Rhoda's Type


1 Former Korean president in the land of Margaret Cho's ancestors

5 Game with men that are queens

10 Talk back to

14 Chauffeur's order

15 Seduces

16 Coagulate

17 Last word in prayer

18 Brian of figure skating

19 Plot unit

20 With 56-Across, _Rhoda_ was a spin-off from this TV program

22 "Melrose ___ "

23 FabergE creation

24 NASDAQ rival

25 "My Brother's ___" (ground-breaking episode of the show)

26 Oozes through

28 "Candle in the Wind 1997" subject

31 Vein filler

32 From Jan. 1 to now

34 Field film name

35 Like a straight line, for short

36 "Rhoda" star

40 "Show Boat" bundle

41 Lodging place

42 Cole Porter's "___ Love You?"

43 Conduit bend

44 Cold shower

46 Cary Grant's real last name

50 Line from the show that used a certain word for the first time on network TV

52 Shakespearean prince

54 Jack of "Flower Drum Song"

55 Prelude, for short

56 See 20-Across

59 Trojans' org.

60 Ashley's C&W mother

61 Earthenware jar

62 Malicious gossip

63 Bones below the elbows

64 Golda of Israeli politics

65 Enc. with a ms.

66 Style Tracy Turnblad's hair

67 Ogled a hottie in a bar, e.g.


1 "Pulp Fiction" actor Ving

2 Tribute

3 Come out

4 Start of a rhyme about a tiger

5 Has an effect like the Teletubbies

6 Threw a screwball, in Billy Bean's game

7 Hebrides language

8 Student of palms

9 Ukr., once

10 Sequence for Bernstein

11 Top mobster

12 "Fantasia" figure

13 Took the wheel

21 Sample some buns, e.g.

22 It may be black-eyed

25 Work with the hands

27 Part played by Nabors

29 Cara of "Fame"

30 Postcoital sigh

33 In a straight-faced way

35 Ron Howard role

36 Juicy fruit

37 Top athletes

38 Suffix with Paul

39 Bea Arthur's TV maid Esther

40 Top targets

44 Word in Brazilian place names

45 The "T" in T.E. Lawrence

47 "Jeffrey" director Christopher

48 Eastern laborer

49 Disney lyricist Ashman

51 Catch basin cover

53 Heed the alarm

56 International ___

57 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin

58 To a degree

60 Testacle, in slang

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