Message Received


1 A little behind

5 Does a birth rite

9 Like America's Betty

13 Lysol target

14 Coup d'___ (rebellion)

15 Gardening tools for prostitutes?

16 Have sex with

17 Verb of Verlaine

18 Like Obama's office

19 Start of a message often received by 44-Across

22 What Etheridge puts out

24 Early release

25 Monopoly foursome (abbr.)

28 Old Olds

29 Buck it, with "the"

30 B-ball championship

31 Words after easy

33 Coitis

35 More of the message

40 Kisser

41 Come down in buckets

42 Concerning

43 Long, to a Samurai?

44 YouTube personality Tyler

46 Heteros, on PlanetOut?

47 Tickle Me Elmo, e.g.

49 High flat area

51 End of the message

56 Way to address a dominatrix

59 Artist Catherine

60 Beat barely

64 Trucker's shaft

65 Use a trick towel

66 Rod attachment

67 Young women who have balls

68 Pull a fast one

69 "Dorian" novelist Will


1 High tennis shot from Mauresmo

2 Canine care org.

3 High-voiced gangster?

4 Proof part

5 Street named for writer Harper?

6 Slim bears

7 Pirate's bird

8 "Remington ___ "

9 Ejaculation of concern

10 Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp

11 DeLaria of "Orange Is the New Black"

12 Big initials in fashion

20 Unexpected victory

21 City near Phoenix

22 Cunning

23 Had the hots for

26 Cheese of Versace's homeland

27 Pool parties?

32 AOL, e.g.

34 Gershwin of "Of Thee I Sing"

36 4.0, for example

37 NASA "thumbs-up"

38 Brynner of "The King and I"

39 Prefix with pubescent

44 Cheer for Lorca

45 Singer Sumac

48 Juicy fruits

50 They have big mouths

52 Nonvulgar swearing

53 Homer work

54 Talk show cohost

55 Come across as

56 Nuts or bananas

57 Tin Woodsman's tool

58 Vestment for Mychal Judge

61 "Look at Me, I'm Sandra ___"

62 Come together

63 One who wears very little clothing

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