Stuck on You


1 What a knight takes to go clubbing?

5 Stick it to

10 160 rods

14 Type of history

15 Kane in "All My Children"

16 Like so

17 Ian McKellen and Elton John

18 Failure to accept others, and others

19 Silence for Tchaikovsky

20 With 38-Across, opening number of this puzzle's musical

22 Tickle pink

24 Verb ending

25 German Surrealist Max

27 "South Pacific" nuts

28 Dahl's Willy

30 Place for future Lts.

32 Eliza Doolittle's 'ades?

33 Dancer Duncan

37 Mystery writer Gardner

38 See 20-Across

40 Biathlete's slats

42 Roughly half an NFL team

43 LAX letters

44 Salt's "sI"

45 More queer

49 Totally uncool

51 Late comedian Williams

55 Gardner of "Show Boat"

56 Eleanor's husband's middle name

58 Musical about conjoined twins who performed on vaudeville

60 Richard of "A Summer Place"

61 Go down

63 "It's Not the Size That Counts" star Sommer

64 Tickled pink

65 Pretends to have an orgasm

66 Positions for Patty Sheehan

67 Quite, to Colette

68 Opening

69 Bringing up the rear


1 " ___ on the Hudson," of 51-Across

2 Melodic, to Bernstein

3 Bizet opera

4 Additional

5 Kahlo in drag?

6 Vocalize softly

7 Dick Button skaters on them

8 Prefix for system

9 Flier with a stinging butt

10 Up ___ (stuck)

11 Unfaithful lovers

12 Lyricist Bill of 58-Across

13 Parsons on the screen

21 Minimum amount

23 R. Simmons helps you lose them

26 Baseball manager Joe

29 Do-it-yourselfer's purchases

31 Normandy city

34 Cruising greeting

35 Submit (to)

36 On vacation

37 Just managed, with "out"

38 Movie with the line "Don't call me Shirley"

39 In concert

40 Most down in the mouth

41 Composer Henry of 58-Across

44 Objectivist Rand

46 Showy bloom

47 Causes to come out

48 Most like hard-core porn

50 What Donald Duck lacks down below

52 Japanese port

53 Risky blow job partner?

54 That is, to Cicero

57 Meatheads

59 Bear market order

62 Club for swingers

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