Speaker Bolger Accepts Gay Money, Ticks Off Rep. Jack Hoognedyk

By Todd Heywood

Jack Hoogendyk doesn't live or work in Michigan anymore - he runs a "crisis pregnancy" organization in Wisconsin - but he's keeping his nose in state politics. The uber conservative activist sent an email to his contact list on Aug. 21 attacking Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall). Bolger's crime? His leadership PAC has accepted a $50,000 donation from Colorado millionaire Tim Gill. Gill is gay and has used his software generated millions to promote equality in Colorado and across the country.

"It is obvious by Mr. Gill's $50,000 contribution to Jase Bolger's leadership PAC that he is working hard in Michigan to change the political landscape," Hoodendyk writes. "What are the paybacks Gill is expecting for his $50,000 investment? What collateral damage will occur to the party in the process? These are the questions that need to be answered."

So, using Hoogendyk's logic, just what "paybacks" are Richard "Dick" DeVos, James Nicholson, Ron Weiser and David Fischer, Sr. expecting for their combined hundreds of thousands in donations to Republican candidates, groups and campaigns? The Detroit News reports the quartet has donated a combined $660,450 to GOP causes. I suppose, in Hoogendyk's world, that money is OK because it comes from conservative icons who generally share his views.

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