Brothers & Sisters


1 Style of Marcel Duchamp

5 Showing a tiny opening

9 " ___ of the Dead"

14 Aware of

15 "If I ___ a Rich Man"

16 Three-card hustle

17 Anna Madrigal's daughter

18 Responds to Marc Antony

20 Like X-rated fare

22 Start of a definition of 52-Across

23 End of the definition

25 Gore and "South Park's" Big Gay

26 Post office machines

30 Reid of "Josie and the Pussycats"

34 Young stud?

37 Strong wind, or Dorothy who rode a tornado

38 Word after post or ad

39 Matthew of "Brothers & Sisters"

40 With 56-Across, source of the definition

42 Rob of "Brothers & Sisters"

43 A as in Austria

44 River in the land of Colette

45 Bette Davis feature of song

46 "___ Let the Sun Go Down on Me"

48 Give a cocky look to

50 Root word

52 Not necessarily brothers & sisters

56 See 40-Across

62 Zellweger of "Chicago"

63 Vehicle for cruising

65 Chaplin spouse

66 Belief summary for Troy Perry

67 Part played by Nabors

68 Body of soldiers

69 Like soap operas

70 Room for Marga Gomez

71 Cash register section


1 Joltin' Joe

2 Battery pole

3 Cushion under your bottom

4 Niles and Frasier

5 Leather sticker

6 "M*A*S*H" vehicle

7 Composer Thomas

8 What "let" means to Mauresmo

9 Vidal's "Visit to a ___ Planet"

10 Like Abe

11 From the top

12 Colorado neighbor

13 Peter by the piano

19 Sites for three women in a tub

21 To boot

24 Twist an arm

27 Falcon grabber

28 Porn director Francis

29 Witherspoon of "Cruel Intentions"

31 "Hi, sailor!"

32 Wade's legal antagonist

33 Deck foursome

34 Rep in the 'hood

35 Birth state of Langston Hughes

36 _Just As I Am_ novelist E. ___ Harris

41 Big name in soft balls

42 Cry from the closet

47 Tire patterns

48 "A Boy Named Sue" writer Silverstein

49 Rhine tributary

51 Piss off

53 Combined

54 Pinko's hero

55 "Sailing to Byzantium" poet

56 "Before Stonewall" and others

57 Drag queen's stocking shade

58 Went right with your stallion

59 Splits open

60 "Lord of the Rings" singer

61 Bear market order

64 "Breakfast on Pluto" actor Stephen

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