Fighting Chants


1 Cukor's rib donor

5 Decide not to swallow

9 Amelie Mauresmo's woman

14 Threesome that visited Mary

15 ___ sci

16 Hunter that comes out at night

17 Apple that isn't a fruit

18 What you should take it like

19 Shopping aids

20 Start of a Green Day chant at the 2016 American Music Awards

23 There's a single runner

24 Where to find a date in a hot place

25 Cyndi Lauper's "___ Bop"

28 Poses for Bruce Weber

30 Place for porking?

32 Crude cartel

35 Hoops for the New York Liberty

38 Safari sighting

39 Green Day's new album

42 R.E.M. frontman Michael

43 Shrill barks

44 Lots of bucks

45 Mexican food brand

47 Drag queen ___ Phace

49 Peeples of "Fame"

50 Up on

53 President without a first lady Buchanan

57 End of chant

59 Risky fellatio partner?

62 Highsmith title condiment

63 Hurler Hershiser

64 Coming from Uranus, e.g.

65 Singer Fure

66 Internally pink

67 You can go down on them in winter

68 Petrol station choice

69 It may be grand, to Glenn Burke


1 Acid type

2 Ripley portrayer Matt

3 Material for nice stones

4 Instrument for viewing an angry inch?

5 Low-quality meat

6 Quality of some asses

7 Writer Dykewomon

8 Big tipplers

9 More like Gomer's Mayberry

10 Phantom of the Opera name

11 Fit start

12 Bonheur's word

13 Madonna's pair

21 Sex attachment

22 One of TV's "Bosom Buddies"

25 Your gardener's tool

26 Figure skater Sonja

27 Moon in "Return of the Jedi"

29 Broadway bio

31 "Spartacus" extras

32 Bean of _Desperate Housewives_

33 Kind of dish

34 LuPone Broadway role

36 "Mamma ___!"

37 Greek tragedy writer

40 Chickens like Foghorn of cartoons

41 Eavesdropping org.

46 1917 US soldiers

48 Duds in the bedroom

51 Prop department jewelry

52 Peter the Great, and more

54 Many a painting by Frida's Diego

55 Former NFL player Tuaolo

56 Beaver State capital

57 Pine for

58 "Tell ___ the judge!"

59 Some women's studies degrees

60 Not in the pink

61 Overtime creator

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