Messing Around the Set


1 Tickle pink

5 Milano opera house, with "la"

10 Paquin of "True Blood"

14 Protected from the wind

15 Fondled rudely

16 Pride member

17 Pole, for example

18 You must remember this

19 Men on top, perhaps

20 Will portrayer in 30-Across

23 Battery size

24 Sudden body fluid emissions

25 Confection with nuts

29 Fed. retirement gp.

30 Clinton ad that sparked talk of a "Will & Grace" revival

33 Alan who played Grace's dad

37 JFK preceder

38 Drags

40 From ___ Z

41 Bottom workers

44 Jack portrayer in 30-Across

47 Descartes's conclusion

49 PrIncipe's island partner

50 Lincoln's Gettysburg comments

54 Seed spilled by some farmers

55 Karen portrayer in 30-Across

59 Frat toga

60 Part of a religious title

61 Shakespeare's foot

63 "I Say a Little Prayer for You" writer Bacharach

64 Fairylike

65 "___ homo!"

66 Accts. for the future

67 Language like "bull dyke"

68 Enjoy Forster


1 Carrier to Copenhagen

2 "Legally Blonde" character

3 At the ready

4 Family member, to a homophobe

5 Musical co-starring David Hyde Pierce

6 Branch of math, briefly

7 Aerial defense acronym

8 Fruit in a slot machine

9 Is nuts over

10 Palace, to Othello

11 Em's Dorothy

12 Hidey-holes

13 Part of Q and A (abbr.)

21 Not Prot.

22 Flat top in high places

25 Top drawers?

26 Straddled one's mate

27 Anatomical passage

28 Mireille of "The Killing"

31 Summer along the Seine

32 Simpatico sounds

34 Boxing win

35 Bit from Ted Casablanca

36 What Sam twitched on "Bewitched"

39 Like an angry dog

42 Has ants in one's pants

43 Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy"

45 Georgetown athlete

46 Designer's studio

48 "American Beauty" director Sam

50 Illicit love affair

51 Messing around the set of 30-Across

52 Like Trump's hands?

53 Infection fighter

56 Reclined, for Nathan?

57 Brown hanky code symbol for uncut

58 Village People hit

59 Baseball card stat

62 Night spot?

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