Trans Position


1 Whale's "The Man in the Iron ___ "

5 Some writers work on it

9 DeGeneres voice role

13 "The African Queen" author

14 Spanish cooking pot

15 "June Is Bustin' Out All ___"

16 Streisand, for short

17 "Safe!" or "Out!" in Glenn Burke's sport

18 Gets hard

19 Caitlyn Jenner was on its July, 2016 cover

22 Black sheep's cry

24 Meryl of "The Hours"

27 "A League of Their ___ "

28 Metropolitan Community Church congregations, e.g.

31 Mommy census for Heather

32 Astroglide alternative

33 Early feminist author Olsen

34 Cowpoke's nickname

35 With 51-Across, Avery Jackson was on its January, 2017 cover

37 Step, to Frida

40 They may be split

41 Bygone pump name

45 Year in the reign of Gaius Caesar

47 Clinton Secretary of Defense

48 Michelangelo's land

50 Most judicious

51 See 35-Across

54 Jodie Foster, to Yale

56 Mongolian desert

57 Sally who rode into space

60 Ward of "Once and Again"

61 "Why should ___ you?"

62 Singer k.d.

63 Rhein port

64 Hari Nef was on its September, 2016 cover

65 Loose woman, in the land of Auden


1 Queen in "Romeo and Juliet"

2 Muslim title

3 Alfred, to Batman

4 Meat on a skewer

5 Attendee at the Oscars, e.g.

6 Dreadlocks feature

7 Cousin of Jethro and Jethrine

8 Soft leathers

9 Refusal to a butch

10 Rupert of "Stage Beauty"

11 Came upon

12 Areas for Dr. Callie Torres

20 1993 treaty acronym

21 Cruising, maybe

22 Bend over

23 Leave open-mouthed

25 Mama of Mary's little lamb

26 "A ___ on both your houses!"

29 Lena of "Queen of the Damned"

30 Dirt clump

35 Hamlet, for example

36 1957 Cole Porter musical

37 Waikiki paste

38 Queen of the hill

39 Bird over P'town

42 Hamburger Mary's offering

43 Liza, to Lorna

44 Can. province

46 AFL counterpart

47 "That was good, honey!"

49 Texas A&M athlete

50 Ill will

52 What to have in the hay

53 First homicide victim

54 Part of DADT

55 Matthew in "The Producers"

58 Kind of fingerprint

59 One that gets laid















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