You Can Look It Up


1 Elton John Broadway musical

5 Husband and husband, for example

10 Supporters of drag queens

14 "Nuts!"

15 Not potent

16 "Lesbians ignite!" e.g.

17 Pantyhose woe

18 One you go down on

19 Room for Frida

20 Not solely male or female

23 "Peter Pan" penner

25 Like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

28 Org. for Evan Wolfson's peers

29 Beatnik's abode

31 Castro Street, on BART

32 Game with "Reverse" cards

33 Tic ___ (sometimes fruit candy)

34 Sounds like three men in a tub

36 Hoopla

37 Good buddy on a radio

39 Placed in position

40 Wet spot cause

41 Women live together here

43 "Science Guy" of PBS

44 Parts of floats

45 Sexual identity at birth

48 Smackers that you take home

51 Most like twisted humor

55 With 57-Across, dictionary that recently added the two LGBTQ terms in this puzzle

57 See 55-Across

58 Acted like

59 Olympic award for Jenner

61 Kind of ranch

62 Jerry Herman musical

63 Sexual favors obtained on-line?

64 Every 24 hours

65 Aspen vehicle

66 Chicken hawk pads

67 Hungers


1 Certain plugs

2 McKellen of "The Da Vince Code"

3 Crossdresser on a track?

4 Kenneth of "Lucifer Rising"

5 Deck problems

6 Date opening?

7 Tin Woodsman's rust source

8 La Salle of "ER"

9 Walked in a cocky way

10 How sailors come

11 Condom for anal sex?

12 The whole shebang

13 Hearst's kidnappers (abbr.)

21 They may show through a wet T-shirt

22 The Gay '90s, and more

23 Cookies unit

24 Addis ___, Ethiopia

26 Urvashi Vaid's birthplace

27 Fowl places

30 Having sex, with "it"

31 Martin of "The West Wing"

35 Lid problem

38 Emulated Elton John

40 Frequent Rock Hudson costar

42 Rogers of "Common Ground"

44 Belgrade native

46 Sailors that sound like their discharge?

47 What a liver does

48 Mosque heads

49 Everest is on its border

50 Doughnut filler

52 Piece for Liberace

53 Hardtop

54 They beat queens when they're wild

56 Pass out

57 Hold one's horses

60 Article of Marlene Dietrich

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