Love Is All Around


1 Sailor's pole

5 Loads of

10 Little fairies

14 Baldwin staffer

15 Nobelist Sadat

16 He cruised for 40 days straight

17 Race in a regatta

18 It helps a baker get it up

19 Greek ship

20 Suddenly emitted a body fluid

22 Portrayer of Lou Grant, source of the iconic lines to MTM

24 With 41-Across, iconic line said to MTM

26 Scrape by, with "out"

27 Avoid going straight

28 Roman orator of note

32 Bambi, as a newborn

35 Apply hastily

37 R. Mapplethorpe supporter

38 With 41-Across, follow-up iconic line said to MTM

40 Constellation over Rio

41 See 24-Across and 38-Across

43 JFK debater in '60

44 Shakespeare's Ariel, for one

47 Sci-fi sightings

48 1995 Annie Lennox album

50 Adolf's intimate Rohm

52 D.C. lobby group

53 Mary, on "The MTM Show'

57 MTM costar Dick with a lesbian-sounding name?

61 Pause in verse

62 Opera queen's delight

63 "When ___ said and done ..."

65 Judy Garland, to many

66 Chip off the old flock?

67 Meeting place for men in tights

68 Woody valley

69 Date, with "out"

70 Sometimes it drips on you

71 "Island of Lost Souls" director Kenton


1 Full of lip

2 Nero's instrument

3 Foucault's final word

4 On topic

5 Birds do it

6 Price of a Susan B. Anthony bas relief?

7 Airline in "The Aviator"

8 Writer's Market abbr.

9 Erte's style

10 Bad way to come

11 When it's hard to get up

12 Work under Tammy Baldwin

13 Restaurateur Toots

21 Kind of Buddhist

23 "Camille" screenwriter Zoe

25 More likely to rust, to the Tin Woodsman

29 "I've had it!" to Gomer

30 City near Tahoe

31 Twelve ___ (Tara neighbor)

32 Like an upstanding member

33 Words of woe, to the Bard

34 Fairy godmother's stick

36 Crime in a Sophocles tragedy

39 James Baldwin piece, e.g.

42 Table

45 A guy's junk

46 Covers completely

49 Where a top puts it?

51 "Murder, ___ Meowed"

54 More discourteous

55 Like Dorothy Parker's humor

56 Rimbaud's room

57 Bottomless

58 Part of San Francisco's BART

59 Actor Adams of "The Rebel"

60 Enchanted Disney character

64 Restroom, for short

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