Gay Remake


1 The bottom line

6 Stat for Richard Simmons

10 ___ jockey strap (support for a radio host?)

14 Became erect

15 Stein fillers

16 Jerusalem server

17 Downton Abbey veteran who plays 57-Across

19 Note to Jared Polis' staff

20 "Shall Caesar send ___?" ("Julius Caesar")

21 "Gorillas in the Mist" author Fossey

22 Gay character played by Josh Gad

23 Arizona resort

25 Annoy during a blow job?

26 Light, woody material

29 Wok concoction

31 Aladdin's monkey

32 Third Reich chronicler William

34 Cable sports award

38 With 40- and 57-Across, Disney remake that features a gay character

40 See 38-Across

42 Coldcock

43 Mel pretended to be gay for her in "What Women Want"

47 Emergency road service gp.

48 Producer-director Bailey

50 What Donald Duck lacks down below

52 Son of Uranus

55 Samples some buns, e.g.

57 See 38-Across

58 Birth of a notion?

59 Circumcise clumsily, e.g.

63 Come quickly

64 Harry Potter veteran who plays 38-Across

66 Early indicator of orientation

67 The Seattle Storm, for one

68 Like Baldwin in Paris

69 Daughters of Bilitis co-founder Phyllis

70 Snakes in hieroglyphics

71 Nuts


1 Cry of pride

2 Like phone sex

3 Tara portrayer Collette

4 Evaluate asses?

5 Rent or allow

6 Dish from Pasolini's land

7 White House closet woman

8 Ann Bannon or Edgar Box

9 Sound of the draft fizzling out?

10 Forced to one's knees, perhaps

11 "___ My Heart in San Francisco"

12 "Some more" to Margaret Mead?

13 What electing gay candidates can bring

18 Teaching deg.

22 Island necklace

24 " ___ of Eden"

26 Streisand, familiarly

27 Aid's partner

28 Hawaiian wedding wing-ding, perhaps

30 Hunks of history

33 Metropolitan Community Church song

35 "South Park" owner of a gay dog

36 Terrific, in slang

37 Yelled yeses

39 Prepare a bra for removal

41 Mane location

44 Where Roxane Gay works?

45 One of the motorist's aids

46 Cuff-to-crotch lines

49 Fla. clock setting

51 Hubby of Demi

52 "American Idol" judge Paula

53 All choked up

54 Slowly, to Sondheim

56 Viewed, to Tweety

60 Continent of Cho's parents

61 Hole opening?

62 Spanking spot

64 LAX pilot's guess

65 Singer DiFranco

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