How To Have More Sex While Binge-Watching


1 Title For Elton

4 Milk Purifier Louis

11 Use Your Tongue

14 Script Ending

15 Attack With A Vicious Tongue

16 Fairy Tale, So To Speak

17 Varnish Ingredient

18 Start Of Ellen's Advice About Not Letting Netflix Interfere With Sex

19 Mouth-to-mouth Pro

20 WNBA Starzz Fan, Often

22 "Id" Follower

23 "A League Of Their Own" Teams

25 More Of The Advice

28 P's On Socrates' Writings

29 Masked Animal, For Short

30 "The African Queen" Director John

33 Paths Through Leaves Of Grass

37 Prefix In A Kids' Clothing Line

38 Corrosion Coatings On Statues

42 Water, To Debussy

43 Melville Novel

45 AAA Way

46 A Girl Named Frank

47 More Of The Advice

52 Message Sender Of Old

53 The Active Crowd

54 Forest Feline

56 Geer Role

59 End Of The Advice

63 Without Give

64 Nickname Of Jazzman Earl Hines

65 Bound Gaily

66 Basketball To Eliza Doolittle?

67 Group That Goes Cruising

68 Rank Amelie Mauresmo, E.g.


1 George Takei's Role On "Star Trek"

2 About To Blow

3 Sum Up

4 Hocking Site

5 What Hangs From A Cuban

6 Goes Lickety-split

7 In Need Of A Backrub

8 Like A Mapplethorpe Photo

9 Org. For Your First Mate

10 Gives A Larger Bosom, E.g.

11 Close Of "Serving In Silence"

12 Anouk Of Film

13 Hard Six And More, In Vegas

21 "Java" Trumpeter Al

24 Burial Site Of Macbeth

26 Sometime Capote Associate Chaplin

27 Former Chicago Cub Sammy

30 Owl's Cry

31 Gomer Pyle's Branch

32 Rock Hudson's "Gun Fury," For One

34 Big Stick Where Boy Scouts Sleep Together

35 ___ Christian Andersen

36 Wicks Once Of The WNBA

39 Dangerous Meat-eater

40 Telecommunications Giant

41 Have An Opening For

44 Egg Concoctions

46 Like Most Of The Moons Of Uranus

48 Novel Idea

49 Excuse

50 Like Skim Milk

51 Linda Hunt's "The ___ Of Living Dangerously"

54 Guy That Goes Either Way?

55 "So Long!"

57 "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" Singer

58 Big Apple Enforcement Org.

60 Hoedown Honey

61 Summer For Rimbaud

62 Margaret Cho's "I'm ___ One That I Want"

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