Drag Politicians


1 What hibernating bears do

6 Name on a column

10 Michelangelo's "David," once

14 It goes on a queen's head

15 Cross-dresser in a Kinks song

16 Series of concerts for Etheridge

17 In motion

18 Benefit

19 Paintings and such, to da Vinci

20 She played Jeff Sessions on "SNL"

23 A bitch might try to catch it in her teeth

26 Most queer

27 Dancer Reagan's father

28 Top choice, slangily

30 Material for nice stones

31 Garr of "Tootsie"

32 Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and others

36 She played Sean Spicer on "SNL"

39 Gardner of mystery

40 Hulce and others

41 One that bends over in an arbor?

42 Standout facial feature

43 Outing in Africa

44 Lickety-split

48 Tanning places

49 She recently told "The Hollywood Reporter" that she'd like to play Donald Trump

52 Gay video directory name

53 La Douce part for Shirley

54 Cardio med

58 A little behind

59 Beats, barely

60 Sexual favors obtained while surfing?

61 Wilbur's stallion

62 Vagina, in slang

63 Where priests come together


1 RR terminal

2 Flower for Foucault

3 Enjoy orally

4 Contemporary of Claude Debussy

5 Metropolitan Community Church readings

6 "Seascape" author

7 Big bang sound

8 Interest group

9 Al, who sang "Eat It"

10 Bear

11 "SNL" producer Michaels

12 Places for quickies, perhaps

13 George of "The Gay Sisters"

21 Connoisseur Allen

22 Suffix with ox

23 Body build

24 Paul Monette's partner Horwitz

25 As a whole

28 Amelie Mauresmo's woman

29 Rainbow shapes

31 Retreat for D.H. Lawrence

32 Using the Divine Miss M's name in vain?

33 Fighting hard

34 1920 Colette novel

35 Lebanon neighbor

37 Bending over

38 Mother-of-pearl sources

42 Math degree

43 Signal that goes either way

44 Sacred song

45 Traffic cop's tool

46 Use a gifted tongue

47 "A Streetcar ___ Desire"

48 Cut

50 Sills' solo

51 Dave Pallone and others

55 Provincetown project

56 Carnaval town

57 Bette Davis' "___ Acquaintance"

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