Mercurial Success


1 Drag queen ___ Lettuce

6 Dawson's, in teen TV drama

11 Break it on Broadway

15 Oral performances

16 Primary blood carrier

17 Novelist Patricia ___ Warren

18 Out Pentatonix singer

20 Handle a shrew, for Shakespeare

21 Sexy clothing material

22 "Don't Look ___ That Way" (Cole Porter)

23 Potbelly, and others

25 Endora portrayer

27 Sawbucks

28 Used the Divine Miss M's name in vain?

31 Jeremy Irons role as a pope

32 Lines at checkout? (abbr.)

33 Medical research monkey

36 For-skin cream ingredient

39 Pentatonix cover of a Freddie Mercury song that went viral

43 Give ___ to (approve)

44 White water site

45 Virginia Woolf ___ Stephen

46 Pulling out of the closet?

49 Rock Hudson's "Winchester," et al.

51 Lubricant containers

53 Prefix with vitamin

55 The Spanish one was huge

56 Pound sound

57 De Matteo of "Desperate Housewives"

61 Top target

62 Out Pentatonix singer

65 " ___ The Woods"

66 Gung-ho

67 _Amadeus_ star Tom

68 One who gazes at crystal balls

69 "Bewitched" aunt

70 Go lickety-split


1 Top-remover Mia

2 Buffalo's lake

3 Morse clicks

4 Country houses, to Nureyev

5 It hangs from your butt

6 Montmartre menu

7 Travels aimlessly

8 Highland dialect

9 Heteros, on PlanetOut?

10 "The Gay Metropolis" writer Charles

11 Willa Cather character, and others

12 Go from the bar without a partner

13 Recipient of Bugs' kisses

14 Sharon of "Queer as Folk"

19 1982 biopic with Ian Charleson

24 "Star Trek: ____"

26 Word after wheat, for granola lesbians

27 Singer Reagon

28 OJ portrayer Gooding

29 Second word of fairy tales

30 Bill, to Hilary at Yale

31 Tupperware sound

34 Makes money the old-fashioned way, to John Houseman

35 Unforeseen difficulty

37 River of Hirschfeld's country

38 Davis pair in "Feud"

40 Cam Tucker, on "Modern Family"

41 Brewer Coors

42 Exam for jrs.

47 Abe Lincoln's boy

48 Bad way to come

50 Emulate half of the Odd Couple

51 Wet spot on a blanket of sand

52 Cara of "Fame"

53 Online stat exaggeration?

54 A lot up front?

56 Madonna taught this in "The Next Best Thing"

58 Get under the skin of

59 Suffix with prefer

60 Like finer wine

63 James Dean's "East of Eden" role

64 Grateful cries for one who satisfies

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