Kama Fault


1 Fairy tales and such

5 Alpert of "Mame" fame

9 Larry Kramer's alma mater

13 Liberace's style, for example

14 Skin softener

15 Estimating words

16 They call it the ___...

19 "The Iceman Cometh" writer Eugene

20 They may lie on the bed together

21 On bended knees perhaps

24 ...because it asserts positions ___ (with 42-Across)

26 BenGay target

28 Eye problem

29 "You've Got Mail" female

32 It's human

34 King in "Jesus Christ Superstar"

35 Marilyn Monroe's two big ones

36 Pack up

41 Little bit

42 See 24-Across

45 Gallo portrayer in _And the Band Played On_

46 Emulate Bonheur

49 "Good grief!"

53 ...and when I look at it, my face ___

58 "Lawrence of Arabia" director David

59 Material for a drag queen

60 Coloratura Gluck

61 Giant table

62 Oral votes

63 Dated, with "out"


1 Linking toy

2 Buck heroine

3 Martha, who was married to Mark Harris

4 Translate into code

5 Small towns, to Shakespeare?

6 It spreads its limbs

7 Rimbaud's king

8 Direct path to a queen

9 Kid

10 Opening amount

11 Sad ending for love

12 Stats from "A League of Their Own"

17 Heterogeneous mixture

18 ___ Fein

22 Thespians do it

23 Frequent Rock Hudson co-star Doris

24 Not that, and more

25 Rich cake with nuts

26 Went down on

27 Honey holder

30 Yellow-brick way

31 Write further

33 George Babbitt's field

34 Olympic skater Eric

37 Vardalos of "Connie & Carla"

38 Anderson Cooper's network

39 Two-time link

40 Mineo of movies

43 Tomorrow, to Frida

44 Pesters

46 Miami branch location

47 Position at sea

48 Queen's "___ Born to Love You"

50 Folk singer Guthrie

51 Tammy Baldwin, in brief

52 Neighbor of Neb.

54 Like a cunning linguist

55 Word before kwon do

56 Thurman of "Kill Bill"

57 Second pitches for Copland

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