Diora Bared Her Soul


1 Dressed for Mardi Gras

9 Dave Pallone call

15 Rule with whips and such

16 Aileen Wuornos portrayer Charlize

17 Start of the title of a 2006 Diora Baird movie (with "The Beginning")

18 Johnny Mathis disk

19 Get hard

20 Loafer's lack

22 Keanu's role in "The Matrix"

23 Chemist's workplace

26 More of the title

28 Matured, as fruit

32 Schoolyard retort

33 Rene Auberjonois role

34 Chef Des Jardins

36 Take advantage of International Male

40 2005 Diora Baird movie

44 Not hard to get in bed

45 Hotel customer

46 Lawyers' things

47 Last word in a threat

50 Like the most extreme penetration

52 End of the title

56 Fearful reverence

57 Cole Porter, for one

58 Lorca's shore

60 Mauresmo's court divider

63 Friend of Dorothy

65 2006 Diora Baird movie

69 Patrick Stewart's order on "Star Trek"

70 Flattered, in a way

71 TV Superman George

72 Mouthpiece's tongue?


1 Summer hrs. in Harper Lee's home state

2 Package appreciation cries

3 Foe of Peter Pan

4 Diacritical dot

5 One of "Fifty Million Frenchmen"

6 Nathan's role in "The Producers"

7 And others, for Caesar

8 Cul-___

9 One that stays in a bed

10 Main argument

11 YMCA activity

12 Jeremy of "M. Butterfly"

13 Land of Margaret Cho's ancestors

14 Give a large bosom, e.g.

21 Presided over

24 Start to climax

25 Swiss town with a bear mascot

27 Enjoy some ladyfingers, e.g.

28 Horror writer Michael

29 Head output

30 Body snatcher's hatchers

31 Macbeth's weapon and others

35 Heart ward, for short

37 Gay cable network

38 Crude material

39 "Hey, over here!"

41 Does a head job?

42 On "The Love Boat," perhaps

43 One way to cook fruit

48 " ___ aux Folles"

49 Teatime treats

51 Prison friend?

52 Shakespeare's iambic pentameter, e.g.

53 Dress with a flare

54 Barely burn

55 International Male's business, e.g.

59 Top

61 Cock ending

62 Spencer-Devlin supporters

64 ___ Viola (Diora Baird's partner when she came out)

66 Cylinder put in the mouth, for short

67 Announcement from the cockpit

68 JFK's predecessor

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