1 Links vehicles for Patty Sheehan

6 Son of Adam and Eve

10 Auntie of Broadway

14 Hole instrument

15 Irene of "Fame"

16 Flamboyant style

17 The bottom line

18 "Yeah, right"

19 Go down (on)

20 Actor who plays 54-Across

23 "This is the thanks ___?"

24 Polo of "The Fosters"

25 Drag queen ___ Understood

28 Gig fraction

30 Once in a blue moon

34 Brian Boitano's milieu

35 Local at a leaning erection site

37 Hawaiian feast

38 Comedian Gomez

40 Drama series with a trans character recently revived on Showtime

43 Estevez of "Bobby"

45 You may go down on one

46 Born, in gay Paree

47 Covers the backside of

49 Arouses in bed

51 Really enjoyed Stephen Pyles

53 U. of San Francisco, e.g.

54 Trailblazing trans character on 40-Across

60 Sarah of Alaska

61 Opera figure

62 Sulu's star ship captain

63 Cause to have an orgasm

64 Plumb, and others

65 Skye on screens

66 Men without women at a party

67 Part of GPS (abbr.)

68 Unload loads


1 Judy Chicago's hrs.

2 "And giving ___, up the chimney..."

3 Drumbeat start

4 Country singer Randy

5 "Terminal Bar" playwright Paul

6 Where the rubber meets the road, so to speak

7 "Seinfeld" character from Pakistan

8 How Homo sapiens walks

9 They can cut your pole

10 One whale of a writer?

11 "Six Feet Under" creator Ball

12 More than enough

13 Top or bottom

21 She danced with Whoopi in "Ghost"

22 Rough stuff underground

25 Played charades

26 Start of Caesar's boast

27 Bit of calligraphy

29 Look at a hottie in a bar, perhaps

31 Tom once of the New York state senate

32 Kind of wooden bucket

33 Ponders

35 Georgia O'Keeffe works

36 One of Columbus's ships

39 Gathering slowly

41 Rachel Maddow program, e.g.

42 Juicy fruit

44 Poems of Sappho

48 Napped leather materials

50 Casual slacks

52 Outhouse

54 Come quickly

55 "A Streetcar Named Desire" director Kazan

56 Burl of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

57 Historic Stonewall event

58 Bond's first foe

59 Slant unfairly

60 "Teletubbies" network in the U.S.

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