Gay Bogeyman


1 Head-turner

5 Hightail it

9 Mortify with porn, perhaps

14 Palindromic fellow

15 Architecture, to Philip Johnson

16 Keep moist in the kitchen

17 Cordial, as a welcome

18 "The ___-splitter" (Lincoln nickname)

19 Where to find your first mate

20 Nursery rhyme in a gay horror film?

23 He made boxers more visible

24 Fleur for Foucault

25 Joan of Lesbian Herstory

26 Show a really good time

28 Poem of Sappho

30 Rock guitarist Barrett

31 "Come, come!"

32 Mychal Judge, e.g.

35 Horror film with a gay title character

38 Dictator of Nureyev's land

39 Limp body part, allegedly

42 ICU amounts

45 Point between "gay" and "com"

46 Granola lesbian's concern

47 Pinball Wizard's game venue

50 The Batmobile, e.g.

51 One-night-stand partner, crudely

52 School where actors study to be in a gay horror film?

56 Day of many Hudson flicks

57 Cucumber wasted on the kitchen?

58 Gently sloped hill

60 Not potent

61 Off-Broadway prize

62 Cole Porter's "___ Love Again"

63 Francis Bacon work

64 Come across as

65 "___ in the Clowns"


1 Blow in a comic book

2 Stallion sheds

3 Like a beard

4 What Lara Croft raids

5 Ken's fag hag?

6 Face-to-face tests

7 Carrie in "Star Wars"

8 It might go right to the bottom

9 Take down a peg

10 Sites for three men in a tub

11 Nice buns, e.g.?

12 Rock's ___ Dan

13 In a mound

21 Cockeyed

22 Hit in the family jewels

23 Dadaist Jean

27 Sounds of "Baby, that was good!"

28 Circle of Uranus

29 "Gorillas in the Mist" author Fossey

32 Lorca's stick

33 They scatter their seed afar

34 Scroll for the cut

36 Boy Scouts founder ___-Powell

37 Screw around without having sex

40 Doesn't leave the closet

41 Leonard Bishop's "Creep Into ___ Narrow Bed"

42 Bag carrier for Sheehan

43 Sings "White Christmas," maybe

44 Bernstein manuscripts, e.g.

46 Audre Lorde's birthplace

48 "The Seven Samurai" director Kurosawa

49 Singer Springfield

50 Whoopi's role in "The Color Purple"

53 Vows now legal for all

54 It's a sensation

55 "The Unicorn" author Murdoch

59 Pull the plug on

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