Hell of a Choice


1 Opponent of Caesar

5 Position in Bernstein's orchestra

10 Deep pink

14 "Exotica" director Egoyan

15 Like bell-bottom jeans

16 Jannings of old films

17 Petty of "Orange Is the New Black"

18 Patronize, as a Star Canyon restaurant

19 Cucumber wasted on a hamburger?

20 Portrayer of Bennett, the one-time companion of 38-Across

23 Butts

24 Prefix with European

25 Hit from "Cats"

28 S&M namesake

32 Cockamamie

33 With 38-Across, movie about a gay activist who became an anti-gay minister

36 Norse race

37 Unknown degree

38 See 33-Across

41 "Get thee ___ nunnery"

42 Renege, slangily, with "out"

44 Takano and Baldwin hold them

45 Sea eagles

46 Amelia recently in the news

48 Initial phase

50 Greek city of tough guys

51 Pulled on a stallion's strap

52 Portrayer of 38-Across

56 Favorite holiday ending

58 Rest atop

59 Stone of "Easy A"

62 Masseuse's target

63 It dangles on a private

64 Songwriter Holly

65 Give some lip

66 Rendezvous request

67 Greek love


1 James Dean's "East of Eden" role

2 The whole shebang

3 Scroll at Beth Chayim Chadashim

4 "O" of Sapho

5 Smooth

6 Enjoys phone sex

7 Firm member (abbr.)

8 Baghdad resident

9 Equatorially ample

10 Clown accessory for Cam Tucker

11 Cut

12 Hole entered by a Minuteman

13 Allen-wrench shape

21 Place for women who live together

22 Rupert Everett's "An ___ Husband"

25 Chops finely

26 Lure into wrongdoing

27 Big Indians

29 One who looks at Uranus

30 "I Say a Little Prayer" singer Warwick

31 Used rubbers

33 Thespian rapper

34 "So, it's YOU!"

35 Sweaty guys get pinned to them

39 A guy named Sharon and others

40 Queer online?

43 "Lesbians Ignite" and such

45 Androgynous

47 It swallows plastic and spits cash

49 Fabric suffix

53 "West ___ Story"

54 Lavish party

55 Knock around

56 "Jumpin' Jack Flash," to Mick Jagger

57 Zenith rival

60 Noted Warhol subject

61 Pirate interjections

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