Beyond Great


1 "Mommie Dearest" star Dunaway

5 U. of San Francisco, e.g.

8 Second fruit eater

12 Julia of "Kiss of the Spider Woman"

13 Deep throat problem

15 Manger, to Mary

16 Potatoes high in sugar

17 "___ Family"

18 CrEme-crEme filling

19 Start of a motto that goes beyond great

22 Pigpen

24 The Eagle, to NASA

25 What Tim might call Tyne

26 Legislators in O. Wilde's land

29 Suffix with honor

30 Letter from St. Peter, for one

32 Flick it

33 Riyadh resident

35 Sgt. Perry Watkins, e.g.

36 Overdo it, on Broadway

38 Start of the source of the motto

39 More of the motto

40 End of the motto

41 Frequent award for "Modern Family"

42 "Congratulations!"

44 Leave as is

45 Oral input

46 Front of a vehicle for visiting Uranus

48 Snake sound

49 When repeated, a Cole Porter musical

50 "South Park's" Big Gay and others

52 End of the source of the motto

61 Where Ohio ferries may travel

62 "Lover's Rock," for Sade

63 Like a Robert Mapplethorpe photo

64 Head honcho

65 Some people make it in bed

66 Word before "me" in a taunt

67 They crawl around your mound

68 "Horny" one at a gay rodeo

69 Starchy veggie


1 Cook bacon

2 Sex toy battery size

3 Response to a Susan Feniger meal

4 Poet Gidlow

5 Becoming outraged about Trump, e.g.

6 Hit the books hard

7 Toaster's opening

8 Bi

9 Good-looking guys and dolls

10 'ard rain, to Eliza Doolittle

11 Some degree of control

13 Check for electronic bugs

14 Unsafe sex, e.g.

20 Calvin of underwear

21 "___ little silhouetto of a man ..."

22 Beauty queens wear them

23 Condition after getting cold-cocked

27 Feels sorry for

28 CK One and such

31 Loads

34 Frequent Hudson costar

37 Sports cars

42 Dorothy and Auntie Em, for example

43 "Jailhouse Rock" setting

46 Grizabella of Broadway, for one

47 Lilly, the drug maker

49 Game with men that are queens

51 Penetrates

52 "Queen of Country" McEntire

53 Club for Patty Sheehan

54 Signorile's column, with "The"

55 Become solid, like cream

56 Village Voice award

57 Jane Siberry's "I ___ Aloud"

58 Vacation journey

59 Caesar's last question

60 Ogled a hottie in a bar, e.g.

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