VIDEO: Highlights From Michigan Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

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Kristin Heyse from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office argues the defendants position

Heyse: “The state’s position is not an attack on the gay community. The plaintiffs are doing a wonderful job raising their children.”
Heyse: “The question, who gets to decide Michigan law? The people or this court?”
Heyse: “What were asking for today, is that the people should be allowed to decide state law. This court is not the proper venue.”

Carole Stanyar argues for the plaintiffs, April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse

Stanyar: “We at times, have lost our footing, and sometimes our humanity. We rely on federal courts, sometimes, to tell us there are no second-class citizens in our country.”
Stanyar: Children don’t fare well in unstable family units. Children benefit if their parents are married, Stanyar says.

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