Quotes from the ACLU press conference

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When I was growing up I knew that I could always count on my family to be there for me. My dads have made a huge difference in my life and they protect me and my brothers just like any other family would.
{ITAL – Keegan McCormack, 15 year old son of plaintiffs Clint McCormack and Bryan Reamer

We didn’t need marriage to make a lifetime commitment or to have the love and acceptance of our families. We had been by each other in sickness and in health, when times where good and when times where tough, but we know now that we need marriage more than we had expected. We did not realize the joy we would feel, while having the opportunity for friends, family and even strangers to celebrate and honor our public vow.
– Glenna DeJong, wife of lead plaintiff Marsha Caspar

“I think as a principle the law was that same sex couples could get marry and when the stay was put in effect – even if that is viewed as law changing –
it doesn’t retroactively void the marriages.”
– Attorney Jay Kaplan

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