PFLAG Detroit Hosts Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

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PFLAG Detroit has invited Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton to speak at 4 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Lutheran Church of the Master, 3333 Coolidge Highway in Troy.
Bishop Gumbleton became a hero in the LGBTQ community when one of his siblings revealed that he was gay. He was confronted with his own homophobia. His struggle with this issue has given him new insights and enabled him to respond to the needs of the LGBT community with care and understanding.
He has become a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights within the Catholic community.
According to a PLFAG Detroit release: “For more than 40 years Bishop Gumbleton has been a prophetic voice on the world stage. His words have reached far beyond the Catholic community and inspired people of many faiths and traditions. Like most prophets, his message has not always been welcomed by those in power. However, he continues to speak with courage and conviction, bringing good news to those who are poor, oppressed and excluded. Bishop Gumbleton has worked tirelessly for peace and justice and has collaborated with others to address the pressing need of those who are poor and oppressed across the world.”
The non-profit organization will see that all tax-deductible donations go to help
fight bigotry, violence and hate through supporting LGBTQ people and their families, educating the public to dispel myths and misinformation and advocating for equality by calling for equal human and civil rights.

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