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Features Transforming Minds One Truth at a Time: Comedian Ian Harvie on How 'We're All Trans'

For Ian Harvie, it's not about earning the title of "First Trans Person in the World with a One-Hour Standup Special." Though that's a tag the FTM comedian can now claim, for him, he's hopeful more trans comedians will walk through the door he swung open with "May the Best Cock Win," airing on NBC's digital network, SEESO. READ MORE.

Theater 'Firepower' a Lesson in Binding Emotional Wounds

Stories about brothers are as old as Cain and Abel. The relationship of the brothers who are featured in the Detroit Repertory Theatre's "Firepower" is nowhere near as contentious but every bit as complicated. READ MORE.

Sports The OutField: Meg Linehan 'Excelles' at Covering Women's Sports

We often talk about the "sports world." It sounds like one big place. Like the real world though, it's made up of many separate countries. There's a mind-boggling variety of sports. There are pro, college, high school and amateur sports. There are men's sports, women's sports and, of course, LGBT sports. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Between The Lines Debuts New Wedding Expo Website

With a fresh look and a new intuitive design, MILGBTWedding.com is designed with same-sex couples and their allies in mind to make wedding planning accessible, easier and more fun.

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