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Features EXCLUSIVE: Susan Sarandon on 'Up For Grabs' Sexuality, Ryan Murphy's 'Feud' & Her Response to Those Who 'Blame Me' For the Election

Free from "Feud" and any canned-answer pretense, Sarandon refreshingly freewheeled through revelatory discussions about her "up for grabs" sexual orientation, the gay actor she once romanced, and her impassioned response to critics ("to blame me is not productive") who challenge her political convictions. READ MORE.

'When We Rise' Offers Clear Path Forward for All Working in The Movement

I first read an advance copy of Cleve Jones' memoir, When We Rise: My Life In The Movement early last fall. At the time our president was Barack Obama and we had every reason to believe that Hillary Clinton would be our next president. In that context my reaction to the book was that it was one of the best memoirs I'd read, and one of the best books of the year. READ MORE.

Michigan 'Hedwig' Rocks The Fisher from Top to Bottom

Directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer, it is the story of one of the most unique characters to ever hit the stage. "Internationally ignored song stylist" Hedwig Robinson, who is out to set the record straight about her life, her loves, and the botched operation that left her with that "angry inch." READ MORE.

The Frivolist: 6 Reasons the LGBT Community Needs to Stop Being A-Holes to One Another

If you're gay - a gay man, specifically (because that's all the experience I have) - you know how catty we can be to one another. READ MORE.

Michigan Going the Distance: Vanessa Carlton Wants to Remind You (and President Trump) That She's a 'Proud Bisexual'

Vanessa Carlton can't say she's "good," even though, initially, she does. The singer-songwriter is going through the motions, as you do, replying to the usual "How are you?" greeting, and she knows it. So, she backpedals: "Actually, I'm not great." Despite a healthy daughter and dog, and the fact that she can confirm her husband was "alive" on a plane at the time of our interview, Carlton is, like any anti-Trumpist, on edge. READ MORE.

Features Q&A: Rachel Griffiths Talks Portraying a Lesbian HIV-Care Nurse in 'When We Rise' & Breaking the Mold with 'Six Feet Under'

Now, Griffiths is taking her longtime queer advocacy to the next level with "When We Rise," Dustin Lance Black's moving and timely portrayal of the progressive post-Stonewall movement. The seven-part miniseries seeks to connect with the heart - not the politics - of Americans through real family stories, something Griffiths' gay-affirming resume certainly reflects. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Rising Above

Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black.

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