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KGLRC Changes Name, Gets New Location

After more than 28 years of operating as the Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center, the organization will now be known as OutFront Kalamazoo. READ MORE.

Browndog Micro-Batch Creamery Expands Location

Ice cream and cocktails and brunch! Oh my! How exciting to learn that the popular micro-batch creamery Browndog will open their expanded space located at 120 E. Main St. in downtown Northville. READ MORE.

ACLU of Michigan Responds to Trump Administration's Actions

If the rescission does occur, the Trump Administration has now made it clear that they will not protect the rights of the LGBT community, particularly LGBT youth, as evident by their decision to remove guidance regarding transgender students that was issued by the Obama Administration. READ MORE.

Michigan LGBT ComedyFest Returns to Dearborn

The Michigan LGBT ComedyFest returns to the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn for its 21st installment March 4 at 8 p.m. Formerly a production of Equality Michigan, the ComedyFest is now under the Motor City Pride umbrella - MCP having recently spun off from EQMI to become its own entity. READ MORE.

Equality Michigan's New Strategy is Bold Risk in This Political Season

In a politically unfriendly environment for LGBTQ citizens, Equality Michigan says the one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective in helping achieve full equality. READ MORE.

Funding Steady at Equality Michigan

Despite lots of changes in personnel and management, especially at the executive director position, an analysis of the financial reports for Equality Michigan from 2013 through 2015 show that the organization has enjoyed fairly steady funding, and going forward it should continue to garner enough funding to continue operations at least at its current level of activity for two to three years. READ MORE.

Ruth Ellis Center Builds Diverse and Inclusive Board

A strong non-profit organization recognizes that a diverse and inclusive board is essential to its success. It's with that in mind the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park added five new board members in January - Gary Astrein, Laura Champagne, Sabin Blake, James Coleman, and Jerrell Harris - to join four others who were appointed towards the end of 2016 - Jim Luckey, Roland Leggett, Asad Muhammad, and Sabrina Gujral. READ MORE.

New EQMI Board Chair Talks Strategy

Equality Michigan will continue the political charge for LGBTQ rights in the state of Michigan with Jim Murray as the new chairman of the EQMI board. READ MORE.

Raucus LGBT Caucus at MDP

DETROIT - The LGBT Allies Caucus gathering at the bi-annual Michigan Democratic Party Convention is usually a fairly uneventful, lightly attended affair. But at the Feb. 11 MDP state convention about 200 people crammed into a standing-room only space, and for the first time in anyone's memory the proposed leadership slate was challenged in sometimes contentious voting. READ MORE.

Campus Chat: Local LGBT University Student Reacts to Trump Presidency

The conversations had within the LGBT community following one of the most polarizing elections in U.S. history revolve around uncertainty about how the next four years will play out. READ MORE.

Local Transgender Teen Published in National Geographic Magazine

When Hunter Keith was finally able to skateboard in the neighborhood skate park with his shirt off for the first time, he said it was "freeing." Keith of Farmington Hills was 10 days postoperative female-to-male chest reconstruction surgery - also known as "top surgery" - in the summer of 2016 when he said, "It hit me. I could do that now. I was always watching videos of guys skating with no shirts on. Now I can do it." READ MORE.

Affirmations Welcomes New Volunteer

FERNDALE - Affirmations has been incredibly fortunate to receive the support of volunteers since their founding in 1989. Volunteers work throughout the community center performing a variety of tasks. In a brief QA, Affirmations' volunteer Jeffrey Oliver talks about his deep commitment to volunteering. READ MORE.

Holistic Health Fair to Look at the Needs of Youth of Color Ages 13-29

DETROIT - The Horizons Project will present a holistic health conference for youth of color ages 13-29 on Feb. 25. The fair, "Healthy Me, Stigma Free," aims to pair youth up with the health services they may need at the University of Michigan Center, 3663 Woodward in Detroit. READ MORE.

National LGBT Radio Program Finds Home at MSU

If you ask Marc Sophos what his favorite episode of OutCasting is, he'll have trouble picking just one. "There are a couple," Sophos said, OutCasting's executive producer. READ MORE.

HOPE Fund Provides New Grant to Equality Michigan

Equality Michigan is proud to announce the award of a new grant from the HOPE Fund of the Community Foundation of southeast Michigan to invest in the diversity and strength of the movement for LGBT equality in the state. READ MORE.

Jackson Passes Non-discrimination Ordinance

After nearly five hours of public testimony Tuesday night, the Jackson City Council voted 5-2 in favor of adopting a new non-discrimination ordinance, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. READ MORE.

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