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Michigan Jackson Together Calls on City Council to Reject Referendum Petition

Jackson Together has requested, through its legal counsel, that the Jackson City Council reject a referendum petition as legally "incapable of certification." READ MORE.

Assault on Marriage Equality Under Banner of 'Religious Liberty'

As right-wing conservatives plot to erode marriage equality progress, what issues are likely to arise in the next four years? READ MORE.

The Motown Movement

As Detroit recovers from a heavy setback, the strong do-it-yourself culture has inspired three architecture students from the Netherlands to come up with new ideas for sustainable building together with the community. READ MORE.

Meet Steve Fano, Volunteer at Affirmations

In the spotlight this week is Steve Fano, a volunteer at Affirmations since 2014. He is one of many volunteers the community center is incredibly fortunate to have the support of. READ MORE.

Emerge Michigan Prepares Democratic Women for Public Office

One of the few good things to come out of the presidential election is the enormous uptick of women who want to influence positive change. READ MORE.

Local Community Speaks Out on Gavin Grimm Transgender Case

They were supposed to take the case up March 28. But on March 6, the Supreme Court decided to URL remand the case of Gavin Grimm, the Virginia teenager who sued for the right to use the restroom that matched his gender identity at his high school, back to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. READ MORE.

Expo Workshop Will Address LGBT Rights in the Trump Era

The Ultimate LGBT Wedding Anniversary Expo is a great opportunity to think about and finalize wedding plans, but many LGBT people are concerned about same-sex marriages and what they will look like under the Trump administration. While the president does not have the right to unilaterally scrap marriage equality, he used his power to appoint Supreme Court justices who can. READ MORE.

Q&A with New EQMI Board Member Buzz Thomas

Former State Senator Buzz Thomas was added to Equality Michigan's board of directors in January to strengthen the work of the organization as the LGBT and allied communities of Michigan continue to build the path towards expanding statewide non-discrimination laws. READ MORE.

Meet Becca Budde, Affirmations Education and Training Manager

In an effort to establish strong relationships and build trust, Affirmations gives members of the LGBTQ community an opportunity to get to know Becca Budde, the organization's education and training manager. She is responsible for programs such as the Relationship Skills Class, the LEAD Institute, and LGBTQ Learning Labs. READ MORE.

Call for LGBTQ Artists

Hot Works, LLC is seeking artist submissions from local LGBTQ professional artists for the 15th Annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show July 29-30 at West Bloomfield High School in West Bloomfield. READ MORE.

Local Leaders Host Title IX Panel Discussion

Local community leaders came together March 1 to discuss the ramifications of the Trump administration rescinding previous guidance from President Barack Obama on how to treat transgender kids in public schools. READ MORE.

BTL Announces $5,000 Challenge Gift to ACLU of Michigan

The ACLU of Michigan has been a champion for our equality for decades. Jay Kaplan, the organization's staff attorney of the LGBT Project, has for years provided us a thoughtful, serious and effective voice for LGBT equality. What gains the LGBT community has made would not have been possible without the ACLU of Michigan. READ MORE.

Powering Progress Together at Michigan Summit

LANSING - More than 700 progressives, both veteran organizers and newcomers to progressive activism, came together on March 4 at the Lansing Center for the Michigan Progressive Summit organized by Progress Michigan URL http:www.progressmichigan.org. READ MORE.

NDO Supporters in Jackson Say 'Love Rules'

Since the city of Jackson passed a non-discrimination ordinance on Feb. 7, nearly 700 signatures were submitted to the city clerk to oppose it. READ MORE.

View From the Bottom: The Color of Marriage

If you Google search Rev. Roland Stringfellow, you'll find a picture of him in his religious robing speaking to a sea of people on Castro Street in San Francisco, California, circa 2008. READ MORE.

MDP Elects Openly Gay Vice Chair for First Time In Its History

At the Michigan Democratic Convention on Feb. 11 at Cobo Hall, not only was Mark LaChey reelected as the chair of the LGBT Allies Caucus, but for the first time in its history, the Michigan Democratic Party elected him, an openly gay Vice Chair. READ MORE.

Transgender Michigan Calls for Action

Rachel Crandall, executive director of Transgender Michigan said, "A lot of people in my community are really afraid." She points to the number of transgender people who are worried about their civil right's protections after the sweeping Republican election victory. READ MORE.

ERGs Focus at Next LGBT Chamber Event

DETROIT - How to create and sustain an Employee Resource Group is the topic at the next event hosted by the Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce, March 9 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Union Street, 4145 Woodward Ave. in Midtown Detroit. READ MORE.

Meet EQMI's Department of Victims Services Team

As the founding member of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, Equality Michigan is committed through their Victims Services Program, to providing support and advocacy services for LGBTQ, SGL (Same Gender Loving), and HIV-affected people experiencing various forms of violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, hate violence, harassment and discrimination. READ MORE.

Actress Lena Dunham Pledged $50,000 to Ruth Ellis Center

Actress Lena Dunham, writer and star of the HBO series "Girls," is one of many celebrities outraged about President Trump's decision to discriminate against transgender people including her sister Juliet. READ MORE.

Support the Heidelberg Project in Detroit

The Heidelberg Project is a Detroit-based organization improving the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. The organization needs help to preserve one of only two houses left on 3600 Heidelberg St. in Detroit. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo Returns

This is an important time to celebrate local businesses in Michigan that vocally support equality for the LGBT community and its allies. The Expo workshop at MotorCity Casino Hotel features prominent LGBT attorneys to discuss what same-sex marriage looks like under the Trump administration.

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