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Viewpoints Love and Science: How Science Has Helped LGBTQ Families

This coming weekend, the March for Science in Washington, D.C. and hundreds of other global locations will encourage science that "upholds the common good" and allows evidence-based policymaking in the public interest (marchforscience.com). READ MORE.

7th Circuit Decision: 'Ultimate Case'

Two very important and significant court decisions impacting LGBT rights were issued last week. The first, Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, is a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that "discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a form of sex discrimination" prohibited by Title VII (the federal law that bars employment discrimination based on sex). READ MORE.

Transmissions: Not Safe

As I write this, I am packing and planning my trek to Orlando, Florida for the 2017 LGBT Media Journalists Convening. While I should only need concern myself with how to keep everything down to one rolling bag, I find myself with one more concern. READ MORE.

View From the Bottom: Have Your Cake

Cake is often the centerpiece of our celebrations. And depending on the occasion - birthdays, baptisms, and most of all, weddings - our preferential palates can give away bits and pieces of our identities with each bite. READ MORE.

A Message from the Publishers

This Sunday, hundreds of LGBT people will shop, dance, eat, drink and be merry at the 7th Annual Ultimate LGBT Wedding Anniversary Expo at MotorCity Casino Hotel. There will be over 100 equality-conscious vendors, all of whom want to help LGBT couples create a fantastic wedding experience. It will be joyous, it will be fun, it will be celebratory, it will be revolutionary and romantic. READ MORE.

The Chipping Away of Obergefell

While many of us do not believe that marriage equality will be overturned let no one be confused that on the horizon there will be concerted efforts to strip gay and lesbian couples and individuals of rights. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Rising Above

Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black.

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