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Viewpoints Transmissions: Standing Up to Sit Down

We're very clearly under attack. Buoyed by the Trump victory and control of all branches of the government -- and in spite of the disastrous effect House Bill 2 has had on North Carolina and their former Gov. Pat McCrory (R) -- states have been rushing to introduce anti-transgender laws. Many of the bills introduced have been built on North Carolina's, while also taking on new tactics, designed to further marginalize trans people. READ MORE.

The Rising Cost of Hate Speech

I believe the time for talking is done. You simply cannot have a meaningful conversation with someone who calls gays and lesbians "perverted." READ MORE.

The Year We Fight Back

By now, the crowds have dispersed from Times Square, leaving behind heaps of confetti, deflated balloons and the odd, broken pair of "2017" sunglasses. College bowl games and tie-in parades are now a memory. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Deadnames

On Dec. 2, a fire broke out in a warehouse building in Oakland, California. Its tenants knew the building as Ghost Ship; it housed an artists' collective. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Doing It for Ourselves

It is likely that the vice president-elect is the power behind this throne. READ MORE.

Why We Need Safe Spaces

Suddenly the idea of a safe space doesn't seem so quaint. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
Between The Lines Debuts New Wedding Expo Website

With a fresh look and a new intuitive design, MILGBTWedding.com is designed with same-sex couples and their allies in mind to make wedding planning accessible, easier and more fun.

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