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Viewpoints A Message from the Publishers

This Sunday, hundreds of LGBT people will shop, dance, eat, drink and be merry at the 7th Annual Ultimate LGBT Wedding Anniversary Expo at MotorCity Casino Hotel. There will be over 100 equality-conscious vendors, all of whom want to help LGBT couples create a fantastic wedding experience. It will be joyous, it will be fun, it will be celebratory, it will be revolutionary and romantic. READ MORE.

The Chipping Away of Obergefell

While many of us do not believe that marriage equality will be overturned let no one be confused that on the horizon there will be concerted efforts to strip gay and lesbian couples and individuals of rights. READ MORE.

A Tale of Two Dolls

In 1976, as a Georgia peanut farmer was elected to the Presidency and America went into a patriotic fervor over its bicentennial, the Ideal Toy Company decided to cash in on a popular television show. READ MORE.

LGBTQ Community Stands with Jackson

In response to URL petitioners blocking http:www.pridesource.comarticle.html?article=80376 the non-discrimination ordinance in the city of Jackson on March 3, transgender advocate and special lecturer at Oakland University, Char Davenport delivers a message to the community. READ MORE.

Transmissions: Tranifesto

In its first major blow to transgender rights, the Trump administration has -- thanks to the Department of Education under Betsy DeVos and the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions -- rescinded Obama-era guidance on transgender students. READ MORE.

Positive Thoughts: Growing Pains

These are uncertain times we live in. When daily messages of hopelessness and despair fill your newsfeed, there may be a temptation to shut down and tune out, or to return to old, self-destructive behaviors in an effort to cope. READ MORE.

Special Section: Marriage
BTL Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo Returns

This is an important time to celebrate local businesses in Michigan that vocally support equality for the LGBT community and its allies. The Expo workshop at MotorCity Casino Hotel features prominent LGBT attorneys to discuss what same-sex marriage looks like under the Trump administration.

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