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Music Hall Kicks Off 75th Anniversary Season with Jazz Giants DETROIT - Two electrifying jazz fusion pioneers and legends, violinist Jean Luc Ponty and bassist Stanley Clarke, will each perform with his own band in [...]

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Concert Connections

Joan Rivers will light up the Royal Oak Theatre on October 10 for a 6:30 p.m. show. Jerry Seinfeld will be at the Stranahan Theatre in Toledo for a 9:30 p.m. show on October 10. [...]

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Curtain Calls

Review: 'The House of Blue Leaves' Hilberry opens season with farcical look at celebrity worship If those with talent write their own tickets to success, and those with no talent go nowhere, what happens to [...]

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Curtain Calls XTRA

By John Quinn Review: 'Mama Mia' ABBA Dabba Do! 'Mamma Mia' at the Fisher Revoke my queer card if you must, but I've never been a fan of ABBA. Reviewing a musical based on the [...]

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Straight money tips for LGBT couples

FARMINGTON - Managing your own money can be stressful, scary, fun, frustrating, exhilarating - and just plain confusing. LGBT people have to be especially mindful of how they structure their investment portfolios, because existing tax [...]

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RockOUT for PRIDE October 17

LANSING-Girl powered indie rock will come alive during RockOUT for Pride, a one-night fundraiser for the 2004 Michigan Pride festival stage. After two breath-taking performances on the Michigan Pride festival stage, opening for Melissa Ethridge [...]

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Come out with Ruthie and Connie

By Eartha Melzer Ruthie Berman and Connie Kurtz, Jewish lesbians who successfully fought for domestic partnership benefits in New York City are the subjects of a documentary, Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in The House. [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Cherry goes into 'The Woods' On Broadway, she's a Tony award-winning star, but in the movies, cool lesbian character actor Cherry Jones tends toward smaller supporting turns in big movies like [...]

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GOTCHA at Gigi’s

A full house was on hand at GiGi's to cheer on their favorite for the title of this years Miss GiGi's. The longest running Êcontest in the country always brings out some of the best [...]

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Nite Out

Thursday Friction with Tom Newman at The Works. Rumors Nightclub hosts College night with DJ Gemini in Grand Rapids. Latino Night comes to the R&R Saloon with $1 cover. Get Thirsty with X-Cel at Thirsty [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out Under the Tuscan Sun Frances (Diane Lane), a writer depressed about her recent divorce, takes a vacation in Tuscany, buys a villa on a whim, and dedicates herself to being happier. Following her [...]

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Community Clipboard

Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center 195 West Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI 48220 Phone: (248) 398-7105 Fax: (248)541-1943 Email: Web: NEWS AT THE CENTER Friday, October 10 New Volunteer Orientation New Volunteer Orientation [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Perfect family for you Q: I am a 35-year-old gay man. I am married; I have two wonderful children and a wonderful wife. I know this must sound strange to you, but [...]

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Brent’s Fagenda: Hodophobia

By Brent Dorian Carpenter "Denial" ain't just a river in Africa. Apparently, it is also a mindset of people of African descent when it comes to the subject of gay Africans. Once again, I have [...]

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Q Scopes for men

By Jill Dearman Stop preaching, Scorpio! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): There's a dramatic feeling surrounding you during the full moon in your sign on Oct. 10. It's time for you to create something [...]

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Q Scopes for women

By Jill Dearman Stop preaching, Scorpio! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): The full moon falls in your sign on Oct. 10 and brings you an added dose of charisma and courage. Look out, world! [...]

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Soulfource Detroit to travel to Fallwell’s home

Jerry Falwell, right-wing televangelist, has started the "One Man One Woman" Campaign, and has pledged 1,000,000 signatures to support the Federal (anti-same-sex) Marriage Constitutional Amendment. In response, Jennifer and Erin Adriel and least eight other [...]

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The bumpy road to an HIV vaccine

By Bob Roehr Substantial progress has been made in developing vaccines that help to protect monkeys from the simian equivalent of HIV, but researchers are frustrated that those lessons are not translating very well into [...]

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Military sodomy code challenged

By Bob Roehr The last remaining sodomy statute in the United States is being challenged in court. Article 125 of the US Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) prohibits the practice of sodomy by both heterosexuals [...]

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