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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Granholm inauguration Gay political activists turned out in force to cheer newly-elected Governor Jennifer Granholm as she celebrated her inauguration at several parties throughout the state. Democrat Rick Wallace named [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman Winter brought gloomy facts and figures Last Winter, the national scene wasn't full of post-holiday cheer. Statistically, gays were undercounted in the census and racked up more than their share of [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Gay marriage ban introduced Seven years after the Michigan legislature passed the Defense of Marriage Act, forbidding LGBT marriage, Senator Alan Cropsey (R-DeWitt) introduced legislation to amend our Constitution to [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Mixed results for LGBT voters Election day brought both smiles and new concerns for suburban gays. In Royal Oak, three pro-LGBT city commission candidates lost their chance to serve, while [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Quilt display marks World AIDS Day The AIDS quilt was made available for viewing at 10 public and private locations throughout Michigan in honor of World AIDS Day - Dec. [...]

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Art & Around

Gender illusionist brings innovative program to Ann Arbor ANN ARBOR - DRED of DRED Love Experience will present her visually stimulating, thought-provoking, funky, fly, supernatural-high musical experiences on gender-fluidity and self-love to University of Michigan's [...]

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Community Clipboard

Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center 195 West Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI 48220 Phone: 248-398-7105 Fax: 248-541-1943 Email: info@GoAffirmations.org Web: http://www.GoAffirmations.org Affirmations is home to nearly 150 groups every month! That's a lot of people [...]

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Curtain Calls

2003 is year of ch-ch-changes in Michigan's professional theater community Comings and goings add spice to an already exciting year It was the year that rocked Michigan's professional theater community. With the announcement that John [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Two for the price of one Q: I have been working at my job for about 3 years. I really like what I do and who I work with. I feel very [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente He enjoys being a girl Matthew McConaughey finally knows where his bread's buttered. After the some would say puzzling success of fluffy hits like "The Wedding Planner" and "How to Lose [...]

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GOTCHA at the Adams Apple

Photos by Danielle The holidays wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Adams Apple. A little conversation, some Christmas cheer, some drama, and you never know who might walk in to make your Christmas [...]

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GOTCHA at The Detroit Eagle

Photos by Danielle The Triangle Foundation celebrated thirteen years of protecting our rights with a night at the Eagle. A raffle and a silent auction brought out old friends and new to raise some money [...]

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Nite Out

Thursday Friction with Tom Newman at The Works. Rumors Nightclub hosts College night with DJ Gemini in Grand Rapids. Latino Night comes to the R&R Saloon with $1 cover. Get Thirsty with X-Cel at Thirsty [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) reach the end of their journey in this, the final and best installment of the trilogy. [...]

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Q Scopes

By Jill Dearman Network, Cancer, network! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Your New Year's Resolution for 2004: Finish what you've started. You are closer to the finish line than you think, but you must [...]

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Theater Events for the period Jan. 1 – 10

Professional Theater: Forbidden Christmas A musical extravaganza that parodies all things Christmas! Presented Wednesday through Sunday at the Century Theatre, Detroit, through Jan. 4. Tickets: $28.50 - $37.50. 313-963-9800. http://www.gemtheatre.com. Glengarry Glen Ross A scaldingly [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Same-sex couples apply for marriage licenses Same-sex couples in Michigan lined up Valentine's Day morning at county courthouses in Michigan to apply for marriage licenses seven years after Michigan passed [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman Spring brought signs of change for gays Last Spring was a time of new hopes and hints of a brighter future for gays and lesbians. Arguments began in the ultimately successful [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Trans activists march in Lasing The National Association for the Advancement of Transgender People (NAATP) organized transgender activists from across the state to protest anti-trans violence in Michigan. The march [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman Summer brought good news for gays This summer, big barriers crumbled in the face of gay unity and persistence. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision that states couldn't prosecute LGBT people for [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Love doesn't conquer all A Michigan State University resident hall assistant director resigned her job after she was denied the right to live with her partner. University policy forbids students [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman Fall provides hope and new woes Exciting news this fall helped bring many LGBT people out of the doldrums. The Mass. Supreme CourtÕs decision striking down the stateÕs gay marriage ban [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Taylor couple flees state due to neighbor's harassment A lesbian couple from Taylor moved to Missouri after enduring months of harassment and property destruction from their neighbor, Derek McDonagh. The [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Pride on parade Nearly 15,000 LGBT moms, dads, politicians, palm readers, business owners, lawyers, teachers, teens and their straight friends and family packed the street of Ferndale to enjoy Motor [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • Gay teen murdered An 18-year-old Grand Rapids youth, Justin Bogdanik, died of pneumonia, two weeks after he was beaten and left unconscious at a Genoa Township freeway rest stop on [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman • HIV/AIDS summit meeting On August 28, the Michigan AIDS Fund and the Metro Health Foundation presented the annual HIV/AIDS Summit. According to keynote speaker, Dr. Helene Gayle, increasing the number [...]

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Compiled by Sharon Gittleman Art for Wellness CEnter, Colonis, HRC Federal and Ruth Ellis Center • Anti-gay marriage resolution passes By a 14-10 vote, the Oakland County Commission passed a resolution declaring their opposition to [...]

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Stunning Triumphs, Ominous Challenges

By Brent Dorian Carpenter Gays and lesbians carved out a new page in history in 2003, the most significant year for their cause since the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York's Greenwich Village launched the [...]

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Letter: Gay NFL Fan

Dear BTL, I am a fan of the National Football League. I am also gay. While I am glad Mr. Millen has apologized for his comments to Jonnie Morton, I am even more offended when [...]

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The marriage war of 2003

If there was one single LGBT issue that stood out in 2003 it had to be the issue of same-sex civil marriage. This past year has been one of amazing gains and unprecedented backlash for [...]

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Bring It Home For The Holidays

On November 18, 2003, the highest court in Massachusetts declared that denying same sex couples the right to marry violates the state's constitution. In response to the court's fair-minded decision, anti-gay organizations across the nation [...]

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Transgender Year In Review

2003 was an event-filled year for the trans community. Newsworthy events of the trans community (arranged in no particular order other than the most positive events first) included: •A February 11 ruling by Maryland's high [...]

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Year In Review: AIDS

By Bob Roehr The international story dominated media coverage of the AIDS epidemic this year, thanks in part to a surprise announcement by George W. Bush in his State of the Union address on January [...]

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Year In Review: Transitions

By Bob Roehr Over the course of little more than a year the leadership of most of the Washington-based national gay and lesbian organizations has changed. It marks a generational shift and the smoothness of [...]

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