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Art & Around

CCS combines exhibit with American premiere of 'Super Popular Show' DETROIT - It started with a desire to produce an exhibit of all the amazingly talented artists College for Creative Studies (CCS) alumnus Ryan Estrada [...]

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Curtain Calls XTRA

Guthrie Theater brings Shakespeare's "Othello" to Power Center ANN ARBOR Ñ The Guthrie Theater's acclaimed production of Shakespeare's "Othello" comes to Ann Arbor under University Musical Society auspices for five performances, Thursday, March 4 through [...]

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BTL Health & Wellness Advertiser Directory

Acupuncture Acupuncture Works, Rick Goodman, MSOM, Royal Oak, 248-544-0327 Beauty Spa Spa Julianna, Plymouth, http://www.julianna-online.com, 734-455-4445 Spa Parisenne, West Bloomfield, 248-723-3390 Chiropractors Dr. Jane Leavell, DC, Madison Hgts., 313-465-0541 Triangle Chiropractic, Dr. John Tsakos, Grosse [...]

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How do you measure up?

Bt BTL Staff Sex Barebacking, anal sex, safer sex and STD prevention for men and women, transgender health issues, anal cancer in men, and hepatitis. Phew! Sex can be downright scary for an LGBT person [...]

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The AIDS drug pipeline

By Bob Roehr Doctors and patients looking for the next new drug to fight HIV found no immediate prospects at the 11th retroviral conference, all of the leading candidates are several years away from approval. [...]

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Affirmations Health Fair April 18

FERNDALE - Affirmations Lesbian Gay Community Center is hosting the second annual Health Fair at the center in downtown Ferndale Sunday, April 18 with expanded hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Health Fair [...]

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New age goes mainstream

NOVI - The Natural Living and Fashion Expo is coming to Novi Expo Center Aug. 6-8 and will feature vendors and exhibitors with the latest in holistic products, metaphysical processes, health, and alternative medicine. BTL [...]

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Spring into health with SPICE

By Imani Williams DETROIT - 'Spring into Health,' a health fair dedicated to raising the awareness of common health issues that exist in the African American LGBT community, is being sponsored by Sistas Providing Intelligence [...]

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Sports Complex

By Jim Provenzano Trans Mission: Olympics, Gay Games, and transsexual athletes Who will be the first out transsexual Olympic athlete, and might that person be a Gay Games alum? We may find out this summer [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente McKellen commits himself to 'Asylum' Ian McKellen, aka Gandalf the Gay, will soon be making his return to smaller-scale projects - ones that don't involve hundreds of extras and even hundreds [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out 50 First Dates Henry (Adam Sandler) is a veterinarian living in Hawaii whose sexual magnetism is so strong he has an endless string of romances with tourists. Then he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Gay marriage on the mind Q: Tonight I went out to dinner with several friends. After dinner we were sitting around having a few drinks and talking, and I brought up the [...]

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Viewpoint: Talking about marriage

By HRC President Cheryl Jacques {ITAL "...the majority of us don't talk to family, friends and colleagues about the impact of discrimination on our lives. We are depriving the people who love us most of [...]

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Lesbian Notions

By Paula Martinac Kerry'd Away With Marriage The Democrats are on the verge of choosing Sen. John Kerry as their presidential candidate, and, not surprisingly, Republicans are scrambling to dredge up (or should I say [...]

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Letter: Sit on your hands

Dear BTL, Today I sent the following message by e-mail to John Kerry's campaign. I'm writing to encourage EVERYONE to make a similar initiative. I feel insulted that John Kerry, now the presumptive Democratic nominee, [...]

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Affirmations helps you get healthy

FERNDALE - Affirmations Lesbian Gay Community Center is promoting the general good health of the LGBT community by celebrating National LGBT Health Awareness Week. There are lots of programs and activities available, mostly for free, [...]

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Curtain Calls

By John Quinn Review: '3 Twenty Minute Plays With Drinking In Between - 2' Classically absurd: ZeitGeist excels with cutting edge one-acts Three cheers for the one-act playwright. While some artists will take a perfectly [...]

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Black Whole Collective

By Imani Williams HIGHLAND PARK - Sistas are definitely doing it for themselves. This is seen in the works of Black Whole Collective where owners, (Sauni) Stolen Legacy, (Shamayim Harris) Heaven on Earth Spiritual Products, [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte "The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government," by David K. Johnson. University of Chicago, 277 pages, $30 hardcover. Among the several astonishing revelations in [...]

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GOTCHA at Club Flamingo

Photos by Danielle A grand celebration shook the Club Flamingo last weekend as they toasted an other year of bringing old and new friends together. It was like old times with Aura Lee and a [...]

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GOTCHA at the Rattle Box

Photos by Danielle MIRGRA's Boots and Brief party found a home at one of the Rattle Box's underwear parties. With proceeds going to help this years rodeo and so many good looking cowboys around, it [...]

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Nite Out

Thursday Friction with Tom Newman at The Works. Rumors Nightclub hosts College night with DJ Gemini in Grand Rapids. Latino Night comes to the R&R Saloon with $1 cover. Get Thirsty with X-Cel at Thirsty [...]

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Q Scopes for men

By Jill Dearman Splurge, Aquarius! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): The moon in your sign on Feb. 23 and 24 brings you some great opportunities to impress people who have been impervious to your [...]

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Q Scopes for women

By Jill Dearman Splurge, Aquarius! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Don't try to push a colleague too far this week. Better to be a team player, dear Aries, for once in your life. You [...]

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National Newsbriefs

Politics: Bush installs anti-gay appeals court nominee WASHINGTON - Bypassing Senate Democrats, George W. Bush installed Alabama Attorney General William Pryor as a U.S. appeals court judge. Pryor's federal appointment has been vigorously opposed by [...]

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Marriage activity elsewhere

By Bob Roehr Shock waves continue to radiate from the celebration of gay and lesbian marriages in San Francisco. In Sandoval County, New Mexico, the county clerk issued marriage licenses to 68 same-sex couples on [...]

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