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LGBT pet lovers wanted

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By Sharon Gittleman DETROIT - There's one dog that animal lover Kat Delph can't forget. Rosebud, a Spaniel/Border Collie mix, was discovered living in the street by the founder of Delph's pet rescue group, Home [...]

Art & Around

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MOT holds fashion show featuring acclaimed designs of Zandra Rhodes DETROIT - Michigan Opera Theater will hold a fashion show and benefit, featuring vintage and contemporary designs by the world-renowned Zandra Rhodes, on Thursday, May [...]

Book Marks

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By Richard Labonte "Belmondo Style," by Adam Berlin. St. Martin's Press, 275 pages, $23.95 hardcover. Most caper novels are lighthearted romps with happy endings. "Belmondo Style" ends sadly, though not badly. Most novels about straight [...]

Community Clipboard

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Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center 195 West Nine Mile, Ferndale, MI 48220 Phone: 248-398-7105 Fax: 248-541-1943 Email: [email protected] Web: Affirmations is home to nearly 150 groups every month! That's a lot of people [...]

Curtain Calls XTRA

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Review: 'Everybody's Talkin'' Words hurt is moral of entertaining production by Mosaic Youth Theatre Everybody's always minding your business; everybody's talkin'. Leave it to the energetic thespians of the Mosaic Youth Theatre to strip one [...]

Dear Jody

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By Jody Valley Break the pattern and get help Q: I am an African American lesbian who is in need of help for emotional problems and domestic violence toward all of my partners. I wish [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Ellen digs 'Six Feet Under' Ellen DeGeneres will make her return to episodic television this summer when the new season of "Six Feet Under" kicks off. No, she's not going to [...]

Editorial: Respecting Human Dignity

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Coretta Scott King's philosophy of non-violent social change continues to resonate today more than ever. Especially when we see violent, anti-gay activities and speech stirred up by right wing zealots. They use our lives and [...]

GOTCHA at the aut Bar

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Photos by Ray Magdaleno Aut Bar - Friday, April 7 For a fun filled Friday night, begin the night at the Aut Bar for drinks and maybe a cute boy to really complete the night!

GOTCHA at Necto

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Photos by Ray Magdaleno Necto - Friday, April 7 What luck I have, came to Necto after the aut Bar to finish my night (or start if I met someone), and it was the annual [...]

National News Briefs

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Politics: Focus on Family demands politicians' records in judge's impeachment COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Focus on the Family is demanding notes, e-mails and phone records from legislators who voted against impeaching a judge involved in [...]

Now Playing

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Just Out Godsend Eight years ago, Paul (Greg Kinnear) and Jessie Duncan (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) were grieving over the loss of their son, Adam (Cameron Bright), and agreed to Dr. Richard Wells' (Robert De Niro) proposal [...]

Q Puzzle Clues

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Double Duty Across 1 Gay Republican Tafel 5 Showing a tiny opening 9 Michelangelo's Mary and son 14 His grandmother had a Woody 15 "Dyxploitation" or "Nerve" 16 More queer, but not less straight 17 [...]

Q Scopes for men

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By Jill Dearman Don't panic, Libra! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): On May 12, the moon close to Uranus in your house of exes could make you long for a new resolution to an [...]

Q Scopes for women

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By Jill Dearman Don't panic, Libra! ARIES (March 21 to April 20): You may not be able to figure out what you want from a relationship this week, but you will be able to understand [...]

Theater Events for the period May 13 – 22

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Professional Theater: Candide A concert-style production of Leonard Bernstein's most inventive theater score. Presented at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, May 22 and 23 only. Tickets: $27 - $52. 734-994-4801. The Chairs An old [...]

It’s prom time again at Affirmations

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Ferndale - Saturday, May 22 youth from all over the Detroit Metropolitan area will gather in Ferndale for a special Prom Night; one that recognizes and supports all relationships, not just heterosexual ones. Lesbian, gay, [...]

PFLAG fund raiser at Common Language

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ANN ARBOR - The Lynn Cheney Author Non-appearance event at Common Language Bookstore in Ann Arbor netted nearly $800 for PFLAG. The event was prompted by the racy novel "Sisters" by Cheney which featured a [...]

GLAAD Media Awards

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By Keith Orr NEW YORK - Straight people have the Oscars. We have the GLAAD Media Awards. Now in their 15th year, the media awards are a major fundraiser for GLAAD. Dinners and award ceremonies [...]

Bringing the message home

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By Jay Kaplan Mothers Day just passed, but between now and Father's Day (June 20th), a coalition that includes the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG, COLAGE, and the National Black Justice Coalition [...]

This Week’s Advertisers

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Etc. Spin Advertising, Tom Cormie Whethersfield Apartments, Waneida Felmore AIDS/HIV Organizations Lansing Area AIDS Network, Midwest AIDS Prevention Project (MAPP), Craig Covey Tribal Health Services: A Community Based Organization, Larry Klein Acupuncture Acupuncture Works, Rick [...]

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