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Q Scopes

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By Jack Fertig Make connections, Capricorn! Sun-Jupiter aspects signal great opportunities, but now in a square they provoke overambition. With some shrewd evaluation and teamwork, everything you need is out there for you. Getting cocky [...]

SHe Said Best of 2004:

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"The difference between me and George Bush will be the difference to gay and lesbian couples and individuals across the country - whether rights are afforded them or whether or not they are discriminated against." [...]

LAHR cookbook – a recipe for human rights

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The Lansing Association for Human Rights has produced a hardcover, full color cookbook that contains 300 recipes, a substitution page, and cooking and table setting hints. Recipes range from main dishes, vegetables, and desserts to [...]

New staff member joins UofM’s LGBT office

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Kevin Correa, a graduate of UofM, joined the University's Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Affairs as their administrative coordinator/programming assistant on Jan. 3. Kevin graduated from UofM with a degree in sociology with [...]

Arthritis Foundation offers Tai Chi

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The Michigan chapter of the Arthritis Foundation will be offering winter classes in Tai Chi at three Oakland County locations beginning mid-January. All of the Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation classes are taught by [...]

Perspective for the New Year

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By John Corvino New Year's is a time for looking at where we've been and where we're going. It's a time for resolutions, such as "I resolve not to eat so much and spend so [...]

January Michigan News

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Affirmations helps Blue Cross to offer DP benefits to small business employees Using their Domestic Partner Registry as a foundation, Affirmations Lesbian & Gay Community Center worked to expand the offering of domestic partner benefits [...]

Winter 04

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National News President Bush calls for Constitutional amendment to ban marriage for gays In his state of the union address in January, President Bush called for a Constitutional amendment to protect what he views as [...]

February Michigan News

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Same-sex couples apply en masse for marriage licenses Six same-sex couples went to the Oakland County Courthouse on Feb. 13 to ask for marriage licenses in an effort to protest the inequality of Michigan's marriage [...]

Spring 04

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National News Marriage equality becomes reality in Massachusetts The celebration of gay marriage rights began at the city hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts on the evening of May 16 with cakes, choruses, and flowers galore. At [...]

March Michigan News

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Michigan House votes down discrimination Supporters of the anti-gay marriage amendment to the Michigan Constitution failed to get the 73 votes in the House of Representatives necessary to pass the resolution. The House voted March [...]

Summer 04

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National News Senate Defeats Cloture Vote on FMA The US Senate defeated a procedural motion to cut off debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment on July 14. The vote of 48 to 50 was a [...]

April Michigan News

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House bill gives health care workers conscientious objector status The Michigan House passed four bills on April 21 that could negatively impact health care for LGBT people in the state. The bills were passed by [...]

Fall 2004

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National News Log Cabin nixes Bush, others endorse Kerry The Log Cabin Republicans voted not to endorse the reelection of President George W. Bush in September. The following day, several of the most prominent openly [...]

May Michigan News

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Coalition for a Fair Michigan urges voters to 'decline to sign' On May 17, the same day that the first same-sex couples were married in Massachusetts, activists in Michigan were rallying to defeat a petition [...]

June Michigan News

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Gay couples wed at city hall A dozen or so lesbian and gay couples took part in a mass wedding on the steps of Ferndale's City Hall. The ceremony was presided over by Metropolitan Community [...]

July Michigan News

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Michigan braces for amendment fight The anti-gay group Citizens for the Protection of Marriage turned in over 482,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office on July 5 to get the issue of amending the [...]

August Michigan News

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Marriage amendment proposal tied up In a 2-2 vote along party lines Aug. 23, the State Board of Canvassers denied the proposed constitutional amendment banning equal marriage rights, civil unions and benefits for domestic partners [...]

September Michigan News

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Proposal 2 marriage amendment on ballot As expected, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled against the Board of Canvassers Sept. 3, assuring the anti-gay marriage amendment a place on the ballot in November. In addition [...]

October Michigan News

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Opposition for Prop 2 grows Opposition for anti-gay Prop 2 continued to grow this month. Most noticeably, Gov. Jennifer Granholm came out against it, saying it went too far and declaring, "I would be so [...]

November Michigan News

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Nov. 2 a dark day for gays Following the national trend, Michiganders voted by a margin of 59-41 to change the state's constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. [...]

December Michigan News

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Granholm shelves DP benefits for state workers In the wake of Proposal 2's passage, Gov. Granholm has instructed the State Employer's office to drop domestic partner benefits from state employee contracts that had already been [...]

National YIR: Military

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By Bob Roehr The effort to roll back the antigay military policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" can be compared to the trench warfare of World War I, where the battle lines remain static [...]

National YIR: People

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By Bob Roehr Who was Jim McGreevey? is likely to be a trivia question some years down the road. But for several weeks at the end of the summer, the nation was stunned and titillated [...]

Art & Around

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Artrain brings touring Native American art exhibition to Ann Arbor ANN ARBOR - Do you like art? Artist Demonstrations? Learning about other cultures? Artrain USA, the nation's only traveling art museum on a train, presents [...]

Curtain Calls

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Year-End Review: 2004 There's no doubt about it: Theater was alive and well in 2004 It was a year for the record books! 2004 was the year two tuckered-out theater critics reviewed an astounding 96 [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Davis and Louis-Dreyfus envision 'Sellevision' One left behind "Sex and the City", the other "Seinfeld". Now Kristin Davis and Julia Louis-Dreyfus look ready to join the cast of "Sellevision". For those [...]

The year of marriage

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When looking over our coverage of the past year, we didn't have to look very far before we saw the emergence of a theme. Without a doubt, 2004 was the year of marriage. The first [...]

Matters of Faith: To stay or to go?

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Michael Gibson-Faith, AFSC's Faith Action Network Spiritual abuse is running roughshod over our state. Innumerable Michigan citizens are victims of this pattern of intimidation, coercion, manipulation and disinformation and assaulted with messages of unworthiness of [...]

Now Playing

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Just Out Beyond the Sea The short life of singer Bobby Darin (Kevin Spacey), who died of a heart attack in his late 30s, is reverently recounted here in a way that only musicals can [...]

Q Puzzle Clues

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This Constitutes an Injustice Across1 Section for Bernstein6 It can bear fruit10 Home, to Dave Pallone14 Part of a fashion name15 Like an erect nipple16 Where to see "Queer as Folk"17 Was excessive with the [...]

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