SHe Said:

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"The ultimate biblical teaching on human relations is to 'love your neighbor as yourself.' Where is the love in the hateful speech that Alan Keyes focused on Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President [...]

All politics is loco

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By Sean Kosofsky Moving past pride Greetings! This column is the first in a journey I am taking as a writer, political commentator and pundit. My column will appear regularly and will serve as a [...]

AIDS – a man-made monster?

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By Dawn Wolfe On Jan. 25, reported that, according to a survey done by RAND Corporation and Oregon State University, "A 'significant proportion' of surveyed African-Americans believe that U.S. government scientists created HIV to [...]

Granholm appoints Swope to board position

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By Dawn Wolfe LANSING - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has announced the appointment of Chris Swope, executive director of Michigan Equality and an Ingham County Commissioner, to the Michigan Judges Retirement Board. Swope has been [...]

Big Three proponents of diversity

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Dear BTL, I am commenting on your cover story about the Big Three's donation to Affirmations. Their contribution joins their decades-long list of contributions to Detroit's arts organizations. Ford, GM, and DaimlerChrysler are proponents of [...]

Ingredients for making meth

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To make crystal meth a whole host of caustic and poisonous ingredients are needed and the process results in toxic byproducts. In addition to environmental hazards, prolonged exposure has been linked to burns and lung [...]

An old fear given new life

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By Dawn Wolfe On Feb. 11, New York City health officials announced the discovery of a rare, highly-drug resistant strain of HIV. According to the report in the Feb. 12 New York Times, the strain [...]

Oscar Fever

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In Hollywood, the Oscar parties take place in ultra chic dining salons with names like Morton's, Moomba, Sardi's and Spago. But in Detroit, the most popular Oscar hoopla fest happens in Dave Hill's midtown Detroit [...]

Concert Connections

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This Week: LunaThurs. 2/24/05 7 p.m.Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit The MusicSun. 2/27/05 8 p.m.Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit The FutureheadsMon. 2/28/05Shelter, Detroit Shonen KnifeTues. 3/1/05The Majestic, Detroit Melissa FerrickWed. 3/02/05The Ark, Ann Arbor SugarcultFri. 3/4/05Clutch Cargo's, [...]

Creep of the Week: Alan Keyes

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Alan Keyes What do Randall Terry, Pete Knight, and Alan Keyes all have in common? All have been fervently anti-gay public figures who had gay or lesbian children. The Republican Keyes, who recently lost big [...]

Curtain Calls

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Review: 'One Hundred Twinkling Lights' The devil is in the details: Intriguing new play at Blackbird Theatre lacks clarity, suffers from clutter Playwrights get their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. For Barton Bund [...]

Curtain Calls XTRA

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Preview: 'Two Rooms' Breathe Art crosses the border with contemporary love story Although it's a story seemingly ripped from today's headlines - an America university professor is taken hostage by terrorists in Beirut - "Two [...]

Dear Jody

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By Jody Valley Silent prejudice Q: I have had a friend for 15 years; she and I have been through a lot together. The problem is that I really don't want to continue our friendship, [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Lily's little house on the 'Prairie' Romeo thinks the best moment to make the film version of something is when the adapted intellectual property in question is long past its initial [...]

A deadly history

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Craig Covey, executive director of the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project, is not one to mince words - and when it comes to gays getting high and taking sexual risks, he doesn't hold back. "Using speed [...]

Marriage News from Around the Country

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Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Indiana: Three gay couples who challenged Indiana's ban on equal marriage will not ask the state Supreme Court to review a ruling that upheld the law, shifting their focus instead to [...]

National News Briefs

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Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Politics PBS chief quits over gay cartoon WASHINGTON - Pat Mitchell, the Public Broadcasting Service chief will step down when her contract expires in June 2006. Mitchell drew recent criticism from [...]

Now Playing

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Just Out Hitch Date "doctor" Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is so good at coaching socially inept men at romance that he is even able to engineer a love match between shy, slovenly accountant Albert (Kevin [...]

Q Puzzle Clues

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Remembering Susan Across1 High place with a flat top5 Fannie Flagg's " ___ Green Tomatoes"10 Davis of "Querelle"14 Made a hole-in-one, to Sheehan15 " ___ and Jaguar";16 Uncommon, to Nero17 Sontag historical novel20 "Razor's Edge" [...]

Reach OUT

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By Dawn Wolfe Think the medium is the message? Check out Free Press! ...and no, we're not talking about Detroit's corporate-owned paper. "Free Press is a national nonpartisan organization working to increase informed public participation [...]

Q Scopes

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By Jack Fertig Enjoy magic, Sagittarius! Sun conjunct Uranus brings wild surprises and inspirations to light. This line-up in Pisces will make those surprises especially mystical, artistic, and otherworldly. ARIES (March 20 - April 19): [...]

Community Connections

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Get connected! Non-profit organizations are encouraged to send listings of ongoing events to Community Connections via email at [email protected], fax at 248-615-7018 or postal mail: 20793 Farmington Rd., Ste. 25, Farmington, MI 48336. FORTY WORD [...]

Art & Around

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Doll artists featured at A2 Art Center ANN ARBOR - The Ann Arbor Art Center's Gallery Shop will be showcasing various doll artists from March 1-31. The work of contemporary doll makers will be featured, [...]