Curtain Calls XTRA

Review: 'Twilight' & 'The Trip' Opposites attract: ART stages comedy and drama at new home in downtown Detroit "There is a tremendous healing and educational power in theater," Oliver Pookrum states in the program for [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley In the shadow of the ex Q: I am currently seeing someone, "Aaron," whom I met about a month ago. We initially met online and our conversations turned into phone calls. We [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente Eve gets "Unstuck" Eve ("Barbershop") is a lesbian now. Well, on camera at least. The rapper-actor soon will star in and executive-produce the Showtime original movie "Getting Unstuck," based on the [...]

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Unintended Consequences?

Things are getting pretty weird - and not weird like Michael Jackson showing up late for court in his pajamas weird. This is a much more insidious right-wing kind of weird and it's not coming [...]

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Marriage News from Around the Country

Compiled by Dawn Wolfe California Lawyers for two groups opposed to equal marriage told a state appeals court March 25 that a domestic partners law is illegal and should be overturned because lawmakers undermined the [...]

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Matters of Faith: Frames unlimited

By Michael Gibson Faith I was recently sent information about an upcoming ex-gay speaking engagement to happen during a gay pride week at Central Michigan University. For those who don't know, ex-gay refers to those [...]

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Now Playing

Naomi Watts stars in "The Ring Two" © 2005 DreamWorks Kim Cattrall and Michelle Tractenberg appear together in "Ice Princess." © 2005 Walt Disney Pictures Just Out Ice Princess Casey (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a high-school [...]

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