Q Scopes

By Jack Fertig Don't nag, Libra! Sun in Aries is trine to Pluto in Sagittarius, boosting energy and focus - or obsession. Be careful to avoid the latter. Mars conjunct Neptune in Aquarius blurs our [...]

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‘A party a day in the month of May’

LANSING - The Lansing Area AIDS Network is marking its 20th year of service to mid-Michigan by hosting a month-long fundraising event called, "Night of 1000 Stars." To launch the special event an official kickoff [...]

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And then there’s Bea

For many of us, she'll always be Dorothy Zbornak. But for the naive and young, it's important to note that the career of Bea Arthur did not begin with "Golden Girls." Her big break came [...]

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A dash of class in downtown Ferndale

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman FERNDALE - If you're looking for a dining experience and not just a place to eat, Ferndale's new Via Nove should be your destination. The restaurant, open since February, has added [...]

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Dionne does Detroit

Her career has spanned four decades and her amazing catalogue of classics has earned her half a dozen Grammy awards and the admiration of millions across the globe. Dionne Warwick is truly legendary and she [...]

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Author E. Lynn Harris speaks at WSU

By Imani Williams DETROIT - Best selling novelist and Flint native E. Lynn Harris visited the campus of Wayne State University April 1 at an event hosted by WSU's Student Council. He shared his formula [...]

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Strongarm set weekly once again

DETROIT - Strongarm Productions has returned to producing a weekly set, this time at the Palladium in Detroit. The group garnered national attention - and even a mention in Vibe magazine - for their Saturday [...]

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An exercise in coming out

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman ROYAL OAK - Humor and serious ideas joined to create a spirited discussion at the April 6 diversity event hosted by Oakland Community College's Royal Oak and Southfield campus diversity committee. [...]

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Marrying sheep

By John Corvino In recent weeks I have been traveling the country doing lectures and debates on gay marriage. The first was at Texas A&M University, a school I hadn't visited since 1992. At that [...]

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General Gayety: United they stand

By Leslie Robinson Who would have thought it possible? In Jerusalem, leaders of the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions gathered together. They forcefully expressed a common purpose, a unifying goal. They had united around one [...]

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Art & Around

Tony Award winner Savion Glover returns to The Whiting FLINT - Tony Award winner Savion Glover will electrify The Whiting stage in an exhilarating new series of rhythmic performances Saturday, April 23 at 8 p.m. [...]

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Concert Connections

This Week: Tori Amos Thurs. 4/14/05 The Detroit Opera House Diane Reeves Thurs. 4/14/05 8 p.m. Orchestra Hall, Detroit David Sedaris (SOLD OUT) Thus. 4/14/05 8 p.m. Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor David Sedaris Fri. 4/15/05 [...]

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Curtain Calls

Review: 'Misalliance' Hilberry marries Shaw's chatty comedy with invigorating performances After attending the opening night performance of George Bernard Shaw's "Misalliance" at the Hilberry Theatre in Detroit this past Friday night, it's easy to understand [...]

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Curtain Calls XTRA

Preview: 'Mrs. Shakespeare Dishes the Dirt' Better half of The Bard finally gets her say in world premiere production If, as the theory goes, behind every great man stands a woman, there must have been [...]

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Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente McKellen still stuck on Magneto "X-Men 3," the next installment in Romeo's favorite metaphorically gay film series, is underway, and it looks like cast members will reprise their roles. Hugh Jackman [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out Beauty Shop When Atlanta hairstylist Gina Norris (Queen Latifah) becomes fed up with Jorge (Kevin Bacon), the patronizing owner of the upscale hair salon where she works, she quits and opens her own [...]

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Q Puzzle Clues

Take Ten Across 1 Groups of Moby Dick's species 5 Emulates Bruce Hayes 10 David Brinkley's longtime partner Huntley 14 It comes at the bottom of a list 15 Trans movie "By Hook or By [...]

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Reach Out

Equal Pay Day is April 19 WASHINGTON - In the year 2005 women on the average still don't make as much money as men. Women in Michigan earn less than 70 cents for every dollar [...]

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Community Connections

Get connected! Non-profit organizations are encouraged to send listings of ongoing events to Community Connections via email at dawnwolfe@pridesource.com, fax at 248-615-7018 or postal mail: 20793 Farmington Rd., Ste. 25, Farmington, MI 48336. FORTY WORD [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Longing for more Q: I am a middle age mother with 2 children; both are gay. I have always been very supportive of them and certainly don't want them to know that [...]

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Marriage News from Around the Country

Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman California: The state Court of Appeal dismissed a legal challenge by anti-gay activists to the state's domestic partnership law April 4 affirming an earlier trial court decision dismissing challenges to [...]

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National News Briefs

Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Politics California NAACP endorses equal marriage rights bill SAN FRANCISCO - Members of the California State Conference of the NAACP narrowly voted at their convention last fall to support a [...]

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SHe Said:

"We proclaim this period between pontificates as a time to imagine a new ... Catholicism with a symbol of unity and not an ultimate authority as its center. Just as the pope urged freedom on [...]

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