Barbecue is hot in Birmingham

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By Sharon Gittleman The sun is shining, the wind is calm, the margaritas are chilling, only one thing is missing - barbecue. There's nothing like the scent of hickory to turn winter's chill into a [...]

National News Briefs

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Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Politics Trans-inclusive hate crimes bill to be introduced in U.S. House WASHINGTON - A federal hate crimes bill with explicit protections against crimes based on gender identity and sexual orientation [...]

Hear Me OUT May, 2005

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Superstars: #1 Hits Remixed (SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group) I'll admit it. I love this album. I dare you to listen to it without smiling and dancing. "Superstars: #1 Hits Remixed" is the ultimate summer [...]

Reach OUT

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Forgotten Harvest gets food to those who need it most The two unwanted bananas from a bunch of ten. The milk, juice, or yogurt a shopper reached around to get the [...]

No more Mr. Nice Gay

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By R.J. Beaumia I know with all certainty that if I wake up in the hospital tomorrow in a complete amnesiac haze, among the things I'll have forgotten is that I was an altar boy [...]

Curtain Calls

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Review: 'Spunk' A 'spunky' show at Plowshares Up-and-coming authors are often instructed to "write about what you know" - and that's exactly what novelist, folklorist, playwright and poet Zora Neale Hurston did throughout much of [...]

Curtain Calls XTRA

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Preview: 2005 'Michigan Theatre Festival' Nine professional theaters unite to produce historic festival in Ann Arbor Theater will be busting out all over Ann Arbor next month when the 2005 Michigan Theater Festival opens its [...]

Dear Jody

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By Jody Valley Love by any other name Q: I've been going with "Julie" for over a year. We have really worked at taking it slow. But now, we are looking at having a ceremony, [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Stars line up for Dylan His first film starred Barbie dolls, but these days, when it's time to cast one of his movies, Oscar-nominated gay director Todd Haynes ("Far From Heaven") [...]

Now Playing

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Just Out Kicking & Screaming Klutzy, mild-mannered Phil Weston (Will Ferrell) grew up in the shadow of his athletic, ultra-competitive father, Buck (Robert Duvall), never measuring up to the old man's high expectations. When Phil [...]

Q Puzzle Clues

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Poorly Endowed Across 1 Skinny bear 6 Some like them hot 10 Like my lady, on Broadway 14 One chased in a Melville novel 15 "Beginning With O" author Broumas 16 Head hunters? 17 Music [...]

Q Scopes

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By Jack Fertig Know your limits, Leo! Mercury in Taurus sextile to Saturn in Cancer gives us a great chance to scrutinize our emotional limits and to put them into practical perspective. Pluto in Sagittarius, [...]

SHe Said:

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"I think gay people are profoundly people of faith in the sense that when we come out, that is a leap of faith. Huge. We're risking so much, but we have the faith that in [...]

CARE for the children

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YPSILANTI - Seventeen month old Meil Bogart swept through the Frenchies reception hall, laughing with delight and charming each person in their turn. She was the happiest, most beautiful child, with everything going her way [...]

Marriage News from Around the Country

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Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Arizona: Anti-gay activists filed a proposed amendment to ban equal marriage rights with the Secretary of State's Office May 16. The proposed amendment would also bar state and local governments [...]

Concert Connections

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This Week: Ducksicle Thurs. 5/26/05 Small's, Hamtramck 89X 14th Birthday Bash featuring The Killers, Keane, Hot Hot Heat, Tegan and Sara, more Mon. 5/30/05 3 p.m. Fox Theatre, State Theatre, Woodward Outdoor Stage, Detroit Stewart [...]

Community Connections

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Get connected! Non-profit organizations are encouraged to send listings of ongoing events to Community Connections via email at [email protected], fax at 248-615-7018 or postal mail: 20793 Farmington Rd., Ste. 25, Farmington, MI 48336. FORTY WORD [...]

The gay moralist: PIB and principles

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By John Corvino Some bad arguments never die. Such is the case with what I call the "PIB" argument: the idea that if homosexuality is morally permissible, then Polygamy, Incest, and Bestiality (hence PIB) are [...]