Meaty beaty big and bouncy

By R.J. Beaumia "Holiday... Celebrate... One day to come together, to release the pressure... We need a holiday!" To paraphrase Paddy Chayefsky, "That Madonna - she sure can write." Apparently our friends at Focus on [...]

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The Gay Moralist: The Vatican ban

By John Corvino It's official: no more gay priests. Well, sort of. The Vatican has released its long-anticipated instruction on gay candidates for the priesthood. It states that "those who practice homosexuality, show profoundly deep-rooted [...]

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Parting Glances: This little pinkey went . . .

I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar-polishing performance "Capote" at the Royal Oak Main Theater. [Special BTL thanks to the management for showing LGBT-themed films and hosting Triangle Foundation's Reel Pride stellar, week-long events.] Given that [...]

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Art & Around for the period Dec. 8-17

Architecture/Gardens/Tours: Holiday Magic at the Ford House Explore and enjoy the interior beauty of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House as it offers the sights, sounds and tastes of the holiday season. Edsel & Eleanor [...]

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Concert Connections

This Week: Healthy White Baby Fri. 12/9/05 The Belmont, Hamtramck Trans-Siberian Orchestra Fri. 12/9/05 Palace of Auburn Hills Brian Setzer Orchestra Fri. 12/9/05 State Theatre, Detroit Dianne Reeves Sat. 12/10/05 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor Martin [...]

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Theater Events for the period Dec. 8-17

Professional Theater/Opera: A Christmas Carol Mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by three ghosts in this annual Holiday classic. Meadow Brook Theatre, Rochester. Various dates and times, through Dec. 24. $30-$38. 248-377-3300. Downhearted Blues A [...]

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Book Marks

By Richard Labonte Branwell: A Novel of the Bronte Brother By Douglas A. Martin. Soft Skull Press, 256 pages, $13.95 paper Branwell, the overshadowed Bronte brother of Charlotte, Anne, and Emily, was an immensely troubled [...]

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Curtain Calls

Review: 'The Christma-Hana-Kwanzaa Holiday Spectacular' Inferno roasts the holidays - all of them There was something sacrilegious last Friday night about sitting in front of a stage painted to look like Hell and waiting for [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Review: 'Dear Santa' Christmas farce provides a hearty "ho-ho-ho" in Fraser dinner theater By John Quinn It's December, and you've probably been running on "holiday overload" since Halloween, and no, Virginia, you're not Santa Claus. [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Family phases Q: I've just got to tell someone and I am so embarrassed about this I don't want to tell my friends. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I am [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out The Ice Harvest Wichita lawyer Charlie (John Cusack) and porn merchant Vic (Billy Bob Thornton) embezzle over $2 million from their mobster employer, Bill (Randy Quaid). They plan to flee the next day, [...]

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Q Puzzle Clues

Girl Crush Across 1 "West Side Story" faction 5 "Twelfth Night" quintet 9 Ballet bends 14 Protected, to seamen 15 Go down 16 Bea Arthur's TV maid Esther 17 Turner, Hailey 20 Result of a [...]

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Q Scopes

By Jack Fertig Ask for assistance, Gemini! Just before leaving Scorpio, Mercury is sextile Venus in Capricorn, offering a few days of shrewd, calculated charm (think Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table.) Then when [...]

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Truth and Musings

I predict Al Franken will be president in 2016. First, in 2008, the same year the Democrats take back the White House, he'll run for - and win - the Minnesota's Senate seat. Then he'll [...]

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Hear Me OUT

The Collection Alanis Morissette (Maverick) If you listen to Top 40 radio you've heard some lady singing Seal's "Crazy" in the last month or two. That lady is Alanis Morissette and her version of "Crazy" [...]

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Creep of the Week

Ohio Rep. Tom Brinkman Equal work for equal pay - but heavens, no, not if you're gay. That's what Ohio Representative Tom Brinkman, Jr. (R-Hamilton County) would write if he were a college student scrawling [...]

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SHe Said Dec. 8, 2005

"America still sees an estimated 40,000 new infections each year. This is not inevitable - and it's not acceptable. HIV/AIDS remains a special concern in the gay community, which has effectively fought this disease for [...]

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AIDS Walk funds comfort people with HIV

By Sharon Gittleman ROYAL OAK - Royal Oak's streets were packed this fall for the Steppin' Out AIDS Walk Detroit fund-raiser - collecting $200,000 for more than a dozen HIV-AIDS support agencies. Last week, the [...]

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Vatican: gays not fit to preach or teach

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - Two recent documents released by the Vatican appears to ban gay men not only from attending, but also from teaching at seminaries. Last month the Vatican released the "Instruction [...]

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Built Ford Tough?

DEARBORN - The perception that Ford Motor Company acquiesced to anti-gay demands from the American Family Association has ignited a firestorm from LGBT people both within the auto industry and across the country. On Nov. [...]

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Rabbi supports LGBT equality

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman He is living proof that not all religious leaders are anti-gay bigots. Rabbi David Horowitz, a national PFLAG board member, was in Michigan during the week of Nov. 14 to speak [...]

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IRS asked to investigate Focus on the Family

By Bob Roehr "Focus on the Family has engaged in prohibited electioneering by openly endorsing candidates for public office," in violation of its IRS tax status, a liberal group charged in a Nov. 28 letter [...]

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Ohio schools watch Miami University suit

The Associated Press COLUMBUS - A year ago, the attorney who wrote Ohio's ban on civil unions and marriage for same-sex couples said it wouldn't affect the few public universities already offering health insurance to [...]

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Ford: Do the right thing

This past week Ford Motor Company has had a taste of what it is like to "do business" with the likes of the extremist American Family Association. When a right-wing Dallas, Texas Ford dealer, Jerry [...]

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Ford will again advertise in gay publications

By The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Advertisements featuring Ford Motor Co.'s eight vehicle brands will run in gay publications, the automaker said Wednesday, acting after gay rights groups complained when Jaguar and Land Rover pulled [...]

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