May 2005

S/He Said: "'Activist judges' is a code word for gay. The judges being verbally tarred and feathered are those who have decriminalized gay sex, as they once did abortion, and who countenance marriage rights for [...]

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June 2005

S/He Said: "Following a Lord who reached out in compassion to all human beings, we appose amending the Constitution in a way that would humiliate homosexuals." John C. Danforth, former Republican Senator from Missouri. "That [...]

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January 2005

S/He Saids of the Month "I feel like things sometimes have to swing in a certain way in order to swing back... I do believe that things will swing back and that even conservative people [...]

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February 2005

S/He Said: "Where the Republicans are on this issue is irrelevant. What is relevant now is whether the Democrats, our friends and allies, will stand strong and with us against this assault to gay Americans." [...]

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March 2005

S/He Said: "Now that they've belatedly started to recruit Arabic speakers - after the military forced out more than 300 linguists considered important to the war on terror in the past decade because they happened [...]

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April 2005

S/He Said "I've been concerned for decades about presidents who claim to be born again. And knowing that everyone I knew in the fundamentalist church or in the evangelical Christian church - they wanted the [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Laws of love Q: I am writing you in hopes that you can help me with the dilemma I have with my ex in-laws. "Valerie" (my ex girlfriend) and I were together [...]

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All Politics is Loco

By Sean Kosofsky The roller coaster ride of 2005 is over and when we look back we can mostly say "good riddance." The year began with insane right wing industry leaders demanding a special session [...]

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Best of Anything But Straight 2005

By Wayne R. Besen The past year, this column has opined on key issues affecting the American people. Heroes have been lauded, hypocrites exposed and crucial gay issues brought to the fore. Here is a [...]

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Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas:

By Imam Daayiee Abdulla Once again this year, the religious right has taken offense at the so-called "war on Christmas." The American Family Association and other radical religious groups have called for a boycott of [...]

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Art & Around for the period Jan. 5-14

AA1 oundjianwithdso.jpg: Guest Conductor Peter Oundjian leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Jan. 6-8. Photo: DSO Art, Historical & Science Museums: Cranbrook Art Museum Current exhibit: "Ruth Duckworth, Modernist Sculptor," Wed.-Sun., through Jan. 15. Free with [...]

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Theater Events for the period Jan. 5-14

Professional Theater/Opera: The Bannisters' Wholesome Family Fun Hour Local folky-rockers The Bannisters present an eclectic mix of music, comedy and fun in live and taped segments in an old-time variety show format. Planet Ant Theatre, [...]

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Curtain Calls

Year-End Review: 2005 Curtain closes on a very good year, indeed It was yet another season for the record books. Not content with an already hectic schedule, too busy – or is that dizzy? – [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Review: 'The Bannisters Wholesome Family Fun Hour' Variety show format dusted off and given new life at Planet Ant It's a brave theater, indeed, that opens a brand-spanking new production during the week between Christmas [...]

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Now Playing

Just Out Cheaper by the Dozen 2 When Tom Baker (Steve Martin) decides to take his plus-sized family on vacation, he runs into his old rival Jimmy Murtaugh (Eugene Levy). The Murtaughs have fewer children [...]

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Q Puzzle Clues

Male Hetero View Across 1 Seeds of fleshy fruit 5 Queen's dancing skirts 10 Like some dam kind of sex? 14 Field of Niles Crane (abbr.) 15 Bridge bid, briefly 16 Hand, when measuring a [...]

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Q Scopes

By Jack Fertig Try a different approach, Capricorn! With the Sun in Capricorn, of course we focus on goals and improvements in the new year. The Sun in harmony with Jupiter and Mars gives your [...]

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National News Briefs

Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Politics Illinois anti-discrimination law takes effect Jan. 4 SPRINGFIELD - IllinoisÕ new anti-discrimination law, which will take effect on Jan. 4, makes it illegal under the Illinois Human Rights Act [...]

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Good riddance to the Year of the Cock

Let's face it: 2005, the Year of the Cock, kind of sucked. It was a frustrating year politically and socially for LGBT people. Across the country, we saw the anti-gay right trying, and sometimes succeeding, [...]

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Year In Review

Over the next few days, we'll be reviewing Michigan's 2005 stories month by month. Stay tuned! View: January · February · March · April

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