Q Scopes

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By Jack Fertig Save receipts, Capricorn! Mars is in Taurus square to the Sun in Aquarius, cranking up energy and ego with powerful determination. That determination dissolves, although energy and ego remain strong when Mars [...]

Fantastic Four

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By Brandon Voss It was late 2003 when "American Idol" icon Simon Cowell concluded his two-year international talent search and joined the vocal powers of four established singers - Switzerland's Urs Buhler, Spain's Carlos Marin, [...]

Mpowerment Detroit develops fine young men

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By Imani Williams DETROIT - Tucked away in a loft located in Detroit's Greektown is a social service agency that empowers young gay and bisexual men to take control of their personal needs and concerns [...]

Windsor man shot outside Detroit gay bar

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - Windsor native Salvagio Vonatti was shot in the head outside of Gigi's, a Detroit club, on Jan. 10, according to reports by the Windsor Star and the Triangle Foundation. [...]

Rainbow House foundation growing

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman ANN ARBOR - When last BTL spoke with Rainbow House Project organizer Nicole Appleberry, the project was in its infancy. Now, the organization has raised almost $20,000 and is looking to [...]

Open lesbian appointed to state board

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman LANSING - On Jan. 12, Governor Jennifer Granholm's office announced the appointment of Joette Lambert PhDc, RN, to a position on the state's Marriage and Family Therapy Board, which sets the [...]

Cable program offers LGBT perspective

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LANSING - "Take It or Leave It," a new show on Comcast public access Channel 16, features host Mia Tioli discussing Lansing area politics, art, music, culture and other issues from an LGBT point of [...]

A hero retires

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - After a year of "discussion," Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, an internationally-known human rights activist and champion of reform within the Catholic Church, has offered his resignation. As he predicted in [...]

SHe Said Feb. 16, 2005

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"Evangelical Christians seem sincere in their desire to help build healthy, lasting marriages. Well, if that's their goal, encouraging gay men to enter into straight marriages is a peculiar strategy. Every straight marriage that includes [...]

Marriage News from Around the Country

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Compiled by Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Marriage Rights Anti-gay intervention sought Connecticut equal marriage lawsuit HARTFORD, Conn. - The Family Institute of Connecticut, a group opposed to equal marriage rights told the state Supreme Court Feb. [...]

Bishop Robinson in treatment for alcoholism

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By The Associated Press Concord, NH - The Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson, says he has started treatment for alcoholism. "I am writing to you from an alcohol treatment center where [...]

All the colors of the rainbow

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When Coretta Scott King died Jan. 31 the world lost a critical voice in the fight for equality, and the LGBT community lost an important ally. In remarks King made while accepting a lifetime achievement [...]

Dear Jody

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By Jody Valley Continue being yourself Q: I love reading your column and appreciate your thoughtful, understanding and wise advice. Which is why I am writing you. I have a good friend of about 14 [...]

Ask Dr. Wang

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By Dr. Kevin Wang Before I start my column, I'd like to remind everyone of a survey I'm conducting. I'm starting a research project in my program to increase awareness of the LGBT community in [...]

Art & Around for the period Feb. 16-25

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Art, Historical & Science Museums: Cranbrook Art Museum "Shoot the Family," contemporary photography and video exploring the undercurrents of domestic life. Through March 26. Free with $6 museum admission. Bloomfield Hills: 1-877-462-7262. http://www.cranbrook.edu. Detroit Historical [...]

Concert Connections

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This Week: Duncan Sheik Thurs. 2/16/06 Blind Pig, Ann Arbor Il Divo Thurs. 2/16/06 8 p.m. Detroit Opera House Nine Inch Nails 2/20/06 Deltaplex, Grand Rapids Aimee Mann Mon. 2/20/06 Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor Coldplay [...]

Theater Events for the period Feb. 16-25

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Professional Theater/Opera: Annie The timeless tale of a little orphan girl who never gives up hope. Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit. Feb. 21-26. $19.50-$64.50. 313-872-1000. http://www.nederlanderdetroit.com. Brooklyn Boy A novelist whose book hits the bestseller list [...]

What’s on Heather Headley’s mind?

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By Gregg Shapiro HH SHOTS: Tony Award-winning actress and Grammy-nominated singer Heather Headley has returned with her highly anticipated second album "In My Mind". CDCOVER: Heather Headley's new album "In My Mind" is in stores [...]

Stupid is as stupid does

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Oh, to be young, good looking and stupid. Loïc, the character at the center of the film "Garon Stupide" is all three. He's also uncircumcised, a fact the film gives you multiple opportunities to discover. [...]

Traveling in style

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By Peter Galvin Duncan Sheik is ready to talk politics. Known mostly for his examinations of romantic and spiritual states of being, Sheik has turned his gaze to the state of the world on his [...]

Curtain Calls

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Review: 'Syncopation' Something 'magnificent' at Meadow Brook Remember those story problems you had to solve in math class? The ones that went something like this: A train leaves New York on Monday at 8 a.m. [...]

Curtain Calls ONLINE

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By John Quinn Review: 'Sly Fox' Boisterous Hilberry comedy shows 'greed is good' Lies! Avarice! Lust! Deceit! No, we're not talking about Jack Abramoff and his merry band on Capitol Hill. This is "Sly Fox," [...]

Now Playing

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Just Out A Good Woman In society circles of the 1930s, Mrs. Erlynne (Helen Hunt) depends on other women's husbands to keep her in grand style. Soon after she arrives in Amalfi, she is spotted [...]

Q Puzzle

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The Love That Dare Across 1 Boob tubes for looking at boobs on "The L Word" 4 Rob of "Melrose Place" 9 Butch, to Sundance 12 Prop for Etheridge's "Talking to My Angel"? 14 Painter [...]