Ask Dr. Wang

By Kevin Wang Before I start my column, I'd like to remind everyone of a survey I'm conducting to increase awareness of the LGBT community in the medical community. These surveys ask you what you [...]

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General Gayety: Bathroom humor

By Leslie Robinson Vladimir Luxuria was elected to the Italian parliament only a month ago, and already sheÕs experiencing the close link between politics and sewage. With her election, Luxuria became the first transgender member [...]

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Parting Glances: Pages from a book, Pt. 10

During Detroit's glory days a half century ago, Washington Boulevard was the setting for exclusive shops and upscale restaurants, stretching sedately from the popular Statler Hotel at Grand Circus Park to the prestigious Sheraton Cadillac [...]

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Dear Jody

By Jody Valley Caught him in the act Q: Jody, I've just had the shock of my life! I'm still whirling in disbelief — at times in horror, as well as confusion. "James," my partner [...]

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Art & Around for the period May 18-27

Architecture/Design/Garden Tours: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Events include: Making Tracks for Celiacs-5th International Walk/Run (May 21). Detroit: 313-884-4222. Art, Historical & Science Museums: Cranbrook Art Museum $6 museum admission. Bloomfield Hills: 248-645-3314. [...]

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Get your Barbara Payton fix

Blending rhythm and blues with rock and roll, out singer-songwriter Barbara Payton, a local performer, flaunts a raw presence with candid lyrics. It's one of the reasons the Detroiter has become such a huge draw [...]

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Concert Connections

This Week: Jason Mraz Thurs. 5/18/06 Royal Oak Music Theatre Maura O'Connell Sat. 5/20/06 The Ark, Ann Arbor Southern Culture on the Skids Sun. 5/21/06 Mac's Bar, Lansing Pearl Jam Mon. 5/22/06 Palace of Auburn [...]

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Theater Events for the period May 18-27

Professional Theater/Opera: Birds of a Feather A funny, heartwarming story about three generations of the Belanger family. Flanders Theatre Company at Trinity House Theater, Livonia. Fri.-Sun., through May 28. $15. 313-538-5739. Cancer! The Musical! [...]

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Hats off to Ties Like Me!

Dear BTL, I think the article says it all ("Gay networking group inspires LGBT success" from the April 13, 2006 issue of BTL)! This is one of the best groups to ever hit the Detroit [...]

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Kudos for General Gayety

Dear BTL, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed Leslie Robinson's column on why she writes for the gay press ("General Gayety: The gay journalism game" from the March 30, 2006 issue [...]

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Kudos for couple

Dear BTL, I am a longtime friend of Frank and Al's (the couple featured in last week's cover story), and two more sweet, generous individuals you'd never meet. There are not many people who know [...]

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Too harsh on Cheney

Dear BTL, Wow, I really hate the current administration myself but even I think your Mary Cheney Creep of the Week is a bit harsh. Dick Cheney is the devil incarnate but he's her dad, [...]

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Mourning a sister

Dear BTL, Re: "Transsexual woman, former Warren resident, murdered in Illinois" in the May 4, 2006 issue of BTL. The reason Krystal was not known in Michigan was that she only lived there for about [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Professional Theater News from Around Town: Fisher Theatre announces season you won't want to misseth DETROIT - The Nederlander Company has announced its 2006 - 2007 Fisher Playgoer Subscription Series, an intriguing line-up of five [...]

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Curtain Calls

CCO Teaser [note - replace CCO logo with Wilde Carde logo]: Join us at this week's Wilde Carde event: "Uncoupled" at Ann Arbor's Improv Inferno on Friday, May 19 at 8.p.m. CC1a Life_3L5670(2).jpg: David Wolber [...]

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Theater Events for the period May 18-27

TE1 MattressPics_012.jpg: The musical “Once Upon a Mattress” concludes its run this weekend at Players Guild of Dearborn. Photo: Courtesy PGD Professional Theater/Opera: Birds of a Feather A funny, heartwarming story about three generations of [...]

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Affirmations seeking artists

FERNDALE - Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center is seeking artists' submissions for their upcoming "The Colors of the Rainbow: Artists of Color" show. This mixed-media show will spotlight the best artists of color in [...]

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Motor City Pride set for lift-off

FERNDALE - Something about this year's Pride events says "gay." Perhaps it's the dance beats queer-club queen Crystal Waters will bring, or the film "Say Uncle," a "not-quite-black" comedy starring Peter Paige of "Queer As [...]

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Pride at-a-glance

Friday, June 2 Tea Dance, The Whitney in Detroit: 6 - 10 p.m. Saturday, June 3 Commitment Ceremony, Ferndale City Hall: 11:00 a.m. Pride Movie Event, "Say Uncle" at the Main Art Theatre: 7:30 p.m. [...]

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Dignity Detroit celebrates 32 years

DETROIT - Celebrating its 32nd anniversary, Dignity Detroit, an organization that recognizes that members of the LGBT community can practice Catholicism, will gather on Saturday at Dearborn's Park Place. "Consider our anniversary theme 'All Are [...]

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Now Playing

May 15, 2006 American Dreamz U.S. President Staton's (Dennis Quaid) popularity declines precipitously when the public confuses his newfound intellectual curiosity with mental illness. To boost his poll numbers, he agrees to appear on the [...]

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Q Puzzle

May 15, 2006 "Friend and Lovers" Across 1 Gay-friendly Barrett 5 "South Park" composer Shaiman 9 Records "The L Word" 14 The Gay '90s, and more 15 Spit it out, with confidence 16 Wilde in [...]

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Q Scopes

by Jack Fertig May 15, 2006 "Calm your brain, Gemini!" * Two planets in quincunx (150 degrees apart) irritate and force adjustments. Mars quincunx*Neptune*expands dissatisfaction with our bodies and reality. Sun quincunx Pluto inflames discrepancies [...]

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‘Salsa’ rocks the bank

FERNDALE - They came, they saw, they danced. And they raised money. Lots of money. The fourth annual "Salsa" celebration raised more money than the first three years combined, according to Craig Covey, executive director [...]

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Comedy’s topiary queen

Wanda Sykes appears comfortable dressed casually in hip-hugging blue jeans and a sequined blouse. She's also in tip-top shape. "So don't blow it," she tells me. But there's not much I could do or say [...]

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SHe Said May 18, 2006

"I don't think it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously. ...It requires a lot of sensitivity to just talk about the issue - a lot of sensitivity." - Laura Bush speaking on "Fox [...]

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Putting a face on AIDS

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman LANSING - On May 9, Michigan's state legislators were given a chance to see the face of HIV/AIDS. Literally. The opportunity came courtesy of the HIV/AIDS Alliance of Michigan, a coalition [...]

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Battle brews over marriage lawsuits

By Lisa Keen It's been one of those behind-the-scenes disputes in the gay legal movement for a long time, but now the ferocity of the battle over equal marriage rights has dragged it into public [...]

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Dean Courts Fundamentalists At Gays’ Expense

By Bob Roehr Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean appeared on The 700 Club on May 10, courting the Christian evangelicals who constitute the political base of the Republican Party. He claimed that the Democratic [...]

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DNC retaliates against gays

By Bob Roehr Efforts to hold the Democratic Party accountable on LGBT issues have brought retaliation from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Chairman Howard Dean fired LGBT outreach worker Donald Hitchcock on May 2 and [...]

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Neubecker elected to national PFLAG board

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman WASHINGTON - On May 5, PFLAG dad and Great Lakes Regional Director Mike Neubecker was elected vice president and chair of the PFLAG regional directors council. In his new position Neubecker, [...]

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Q Television Network calling it quits?

by Lisa Keen Just two months away from a commitment to broadcast Gay Games VII from Chicago, Q Television Network abruptly laid off all its employees last week. The for-profit gay cable and internet broadcast [...]

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Ryan White reauthorization avalanche

By Bob Roehr WASHINGTON, D.C. - Reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act, which has moved at a glacial pace for about two years, is now moving at the speed of an avalanche. And some [...]

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SLDN Gathers to Celebrate and Lobby Congress

By Bob Roehr WASHINGTON, D.C. - "There are 65,000 LGBT American service members currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world; there are one million veterans," said C. Dixon Osburn, the executive director of [...]

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Serra in a race to keep his job

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - Fourteen judges are up for re-election to Detroit's 36th District Court in 2006. Only one of them, however, faces opposition: Judge Rudy Serra, Michigan's first openly gay judge. Governor [...]

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