Dear Jody

No coffee in bed Q: I have a problem that you may think is not all that important, but it is important to me! I mean that I realize that I'm not living in Lebanon [...]

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On the road again…

By Arlene Istar Lev I have just returned from three months of traveling, most of the time presenting on LGBT issues at myriad conferences, and some of it vacationing in the lovely places where I [...]

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Parting Glances: Scatterpin goes SOS

I usually don't take 3:30 a.m. calls, but three short rings, followed by three long rings, followed by three more short rings - SOS - means one thing: Sr. Scatterpin, Renegade Sisters of Mary, is [...]

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The Gay Moralist: Sister Julie’s lesson

By John Corvino Sister Julie was not your typical-looking nun. She was young and pretty, and she wore bold floral-print dresses - quite different from the staid brown habits with black veils the Franciscan nuns [...]

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Art & Around for the period Aug. 10-19

ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Summertime Behind the Scenes tours include "Staff Life on the Estate," "The Secrets Behind the Paintings" and "Cotswold Architecture"; plus Special Interest Tours "Modernism on the Cutting Edge" [...]

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Theater Events for the period Aug. 10-19

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: Cabaret The seedy glamour of the Kit Kat Klub comes alive in this newest version of the popular musical. Mason Street Warehouse, Saugatuck. Tuesday-Sunday, through Aug. 20. $22-$33. (269) 857-4898. Honus and [...]

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Concert Connections

{HEADER This Week:} Chaka Khan Fri. 8/11/06 Chene Park, Detroit Tom Waits Fri. 8/11/06 Detroit Opera House Tony Bennett Sat. 8/12/06 Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, Sterling Hts. Melissa Etheridge Sat. 8/13/06 Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit Brooks [...]

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No slippery slope in marriage argument

As a bisexual polyamory and sexual freedom activist, I have been greatly disappointed at how leaders of the same sex marriage movement have distanced themselves from polyamorists, though we are equally vilified by our mutual [...]

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Jeff Gannon responds

R. J. Beaumia's column is wildly inaccurate and with regard to me, the White House and my news organization. However, I am writing to point out that his analysis of my recent column about HIV/AIDS [...]

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McIntosh remembered

Doug McIntosh was a friend of mine and I was honored to be one of his many Sweeties. He warmed my heart and made me dream that Detroit would be great again. I find myself [...]

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Why attack Israel?

They are right, don't look the other way. (Kerry Lobel and Julie Dorf; Viewpoint, Aug. 3-9 issue) blast Israel for denying the GLBT parade in Jerusalem - and then somehow connect that to Palestinian rights? [...]

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A study in contrasts

The editorials on past Detroit City council members Maryann Mahaffey and Keith Butler were a study in contrasts. While Mahaffey left a legacy of inclusion and vision that all Detroiters can be proud of, Butler's [...]

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Don’t bash the Log Cabin

I disagree with R.J. Beaumia's opinion. We could have done without the gay bashing on the (Log Cabin Republicans). It's not their fault that the Republican party and LGBT community find their views difficult. Who [...]

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Q Scopes

by Jack Fertig August 7, 2006 "Resist petty squabbles, Capricorn!" Mars in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces makes everyone assertively helpful, even classically codependent. The more aggressively you move in any endeavor, the more accident-prone [...]

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Now Playing

NEW THIS WEEK: Barnyard Otis (voice of Kevin James) is a cow - OK, technically a bull, but he's got an udder - who lives to party and joyride. That doesn't sit well with his [...]

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Raves and Rants Results

Best Florist Blossoms, Birmingham: Want to tell that special person - or one-night stand - they mean something to you? Nothing says it better than a bouquet of roses. Best Place to Buy Furniture Ikea: [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Professional Theater News from Around Town: Mason Street Warehouse announces third show of 2006 season SAUGATUCK - Mason Street Warehouse, an uptown theater in downtown Saugatuck, is pleased to announce the third show in its [...]

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A long ‘Strange’ trip

Imagine, if you will, a woman investigating her own murder 15 years after the fact. It would, of course, be impossible - that is, unless the woman survived, or unless the murder in question was [...]

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The Ditty Bops’ Big Adventure

It doesn't matter that Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald of The Ditty Bops indulged in one vanilla-mint and three peanut butter-chocolate-soycream smoothies at a Salt Lake City, Utah, pit-stop. "Ah! It was even better than [...]

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Evildoers beware: Super comedy hits A2

REVIEW: 'Biff! Bang! Pow!' Performed Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. at Improv Inferno, 309 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, throughout August. Tickets: $10. For information: (734) 214-7080 or There's a price to [...]

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Shakespeare comedy mirrors 2006 America

PREVIEW: 'Measure for Measure' Presented Thursday through Sunday by Sunsets with Shakespeare in the Sun Bowl at the Lou Adado River Front Park, Lansing, through Aug. 13. Free admission/suggested donation $2. For information: 517-290-9125 or [...]

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Creep of the Week Guy Adams

Guy Adams Once, when my youngest sister was a toddler, I told her, "When old people smile at you, it means they want to eat you." I also told her that being strapped into the [...]

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News briefs

Bright spot Small town in uproar over rainbow flag MEADE, Kan. - When J.R. and Robin Knight's 12-year-old son sent them a rainbow flag while staying with his grandparents in California, they flew it on [...]

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More Life online

Rants 'n' Raves From porn to carpet (some may see a similarity in the two) youÕve chosen the top — and goofiest — places to Rave ÕN Rant about. Come see the 'Cabaret' Visit the [...]

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S/He Said

"Can you imagine the lines for straight bathhouses if women were as eager to get it on with strangers as men are?" - Andrew Sullivan in his Aug. 1 "Daily Dish" blog. "When it comes [...]

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Destroyed papers lead to pro-gay education

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman cut/Rik Lapham, a child support specialist, stands next to a gay pride board he set up at work. DETROIT - One state employee's discouragement over destroyed newspapers has led to what [...]

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MCC Divine Peace marks 15 years

By Jillian Bogater WATERFORD - Members of Metropolitan Church of Christ Divine Peace welcomed the Rev. Nancy Wilson to celebrate the Pontiac church's 15th anniversary. The church's spiritual leader asked the crowd to be a [...]

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Spring Cycle 2006 grants

KALAMAZOO - The Arcus Foundation gave away more than $10.6 million in grants during its spring 2006 funding cycle, including the following Michigan awards: Arcus Gay & Lesbian Fund 14 grants totaling $895,100 Brookview School [...]

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BTL welcomes new managing editor

Former Detroit News journalist Jillian Bogater has joined Between The Lines as its new managing editor. Bogater replaces D'Anne Witkowski, who left in July to pursue a master's degree in poetry at University of Michigan. [...]

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