Parting Glances: Up pops what pops up

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Life has its odd juxtapositions. I clicked Gay Chicago magazine online to see what's going on in the Windy City. And as a why-not? after thought checked out that publication's generous escort subheading. If, indeed, [...]

Foley’s bergere

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By R.J. Beaumia I tried to dissuade myself from writing a column on the latest Republican scandal revolving around Mark Foley, basing my arguments on the story's overkill in the gay media; alas, however, I [...]

Foley: A lesson

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By John Corvino It is early yet to talk about "the moral of the story" with respect to Mark Foley. Foley, a Republican congressman from Florida, resigned last week after it was revealed that he [...]

Art & Around for the period Oct. 5-14

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ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Fall Behind the Scenes tours include "Staff Life on the Estate," "The Secrets Behind the Paintings" and "Cotswold Architecture." Open Tue.-Sun. $10 fee applies to these tours; reservations [...]

Theater Events for the period Oct. 5-14

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PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: Closer A quartet of strangers meet, fall in love and become caught in a web of betrayal. Breathe Art Theatre Project at 1515 Broadway, Detroit. Fri.-Sun., through Oct. 14. $20. 519-980-0607. Durang: [...]

It’s a bit too breezy at the Blackbird

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CCO Online TEASER: For additional reviews, see this week's Cool Cities Detroit pages! And then check out the latest news at! REVIEW: 'Lydie Breeze, Part One: Bullfinch's Mythology' Blackbird Theatre, 1600 Pauline, Ann Arbor. [...]

Great movement on the breaking ball

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By Robert W. Bethune, guest critic REVIEW: 'Rounding Third' Williamston Theatre, 122 S. Putnam, Williamston. Thursday to Sunday, through Nov. 12. Tickets: $18-$22. For information: (517) 655-7469 or I wish I knew all the [...]

Hear Me Out

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Scissor Sisters, "Ta-Dah" (Universal Motown) Give the Scissor Sisters 18 seconds. That'll be all they'll need to get your feet tappin' against the ground (or against your gas pedal if you're like me and get [...]

Q Scopes

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by Jack Fertig October 2, 2006 "Don't argue, Leo - entertain!" Mars is already a bit weakened and lacking focus in Libra, although normally that sign makes him a better team player. As he trines [...]

Q Puzzle

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October 2, 2006 "Feel Magnolias" Across 1 Sites for three women in a tub 5 Trolley sound often tripled 10 Where T.E. Lawrence traveled 14 Relief of Lincoln 15 Open-mouthed fivesome 16 Event for George [...]

Four people being thoroughly human at 1515 Broadway

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By Robert W. Bethune, guest critic REVIEW: 'Closer' Breathe Art Theatre Project at 1515 Broadway, Detroit. Fri.-Sun., through Oct. 14. Tickets: $20. For information: 519-980-0607 or The title of Patrick Marber's play, "Closer," playing [...]

Jeff Daniels brews some Yooper love

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PREVIEW: 'Escanaba in Love' Purple Rose Theatre Company, 137 Park Street, Chelsea. Previews Oct. 4-5; runs Wed.-Sun., Oct. 6-Dec. 23. Tickets: $25-$35. For information: 734-433-7673 or Comedy revisits the Soady clan with 'Escanaba In [...]

Pet of the Week

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Meet Carli, a 9-month-old Beagle mix with tri-color markings, soft floppy ears and big brown puppy eyes. She is a sweet and affectionate dog who likes to be center of attention. Carli is active and [...]

Curtain Calls ONLINE

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Professional Theater News from Around Town: Ruth Mott Foundation awards grant to Flint Cultural Center Corporation for Flint Youth Theatre, Sloan Museum and The Whiting FLINT - The Ruth Mott Foundation has awarded a $225,000 [...]

National News Briefs

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Politics Hastert dismisses call for his resignation over Foley coverup WASHINGTON - Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert brushed aside any suggestion of resignation on Tuesday as House Republican leaders struggled to contain the fallout from [...]

Rainy day advocacy

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman Over three thousand walkers raised at least $194,000 over the weekend during the seven annual walks that make up AIDS Walk Michigan. Barbara Murray, executive director of AIDS Partnership Michigan and [...]

Queer ‘word warrior’ celebrates community

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Alix Olson When: 8 p.m. Oct. 9 Where: McKenny Union Ballroom, Eastern Michigan University Online: Tickets: Free Alix Olson's spoken word fiercely conquers issues that most won't discuss. As a folk poet, Olson has [...]

Generational gaps alter coming out experiences

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"It's certainly made me more comfortable about my own sexuality. It's something that's not strange or weird." - Elizabeth Bartmess on having a bisexual mother. Gordon Barnard's passion for "Sunset Boulevard" didn't necessarily trigger his [...]

BTL Endorsements 2006

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Between The Lines endorses these candidates for the general election Nov. 7, 2006: For complete, up-to-date endorsements and election coverage, including downloadable and printable voter's guides, visit today! Governor/Lt. Governor - 4 years Gov. [...]

Doing Ferndale a FAVOR

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman FERNDALE - Despite bad weather on Sept. 30, volunteers from the Ferndale Alliance Valuing Our Residents hit their hometown streets to garner support for an LGBT-inclusive human rights ordinance that will [...]

Celebrating a rich and triumphant history

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By Jason Villemez Gay History Month began as a direct result of the lack of gay and lesbian history in textbooks. In 1994, Rodney Wilson, a high school teacher in Missouri, along with other leaders [...]

OutFest prevails despite rain

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Charlotte (left) and Caitlin walked through Kerrytown District in Ann Arbor, where about 1,000 attendeees soaked up more than the rain on Saturday at the 11th Annual OutFest. "It went well considering the weather," said [...]

Ryan White reauthorization blocked in Senate

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The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Congress adjourned on Sept. 30 without passing a measure to renew the Ryan White CARE Act, which provides funding for the country's HIV/AIDS programs. Five Senators, including a "handful" from [...]

SHe Said

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"It's the largest step I've taken to be more active in the organization, and to interact with other gay journalists. ... No one advised me against doing it. I have no regrets." - CNN anchor [...]

Serra campaigns hard for 36th District Court

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - When 25 seniors at Detroit's Restoration Towers complex gathered to listen to a political forum, it was the ice cream and cookies that really had their attention. Everyone listened [...]

Sal Vonatti awakens from coma

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By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman WINDSOR - Sal Vonatti has awakened from his coma. The Windsor resident, who had been in the coma since being shot in the head during a hate crime last January, spoke [...]

Creep of the Week: Mark Foley

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Mark Foley Former Republican congressman Mark Foley of Florida has used the words "revolting and unforgivable" in response to rumors that he is gay. Being gay, however, isn't either one of these things. What is [...]

Coming Out Support

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Recommended reading "Living Openly in Your Place of Worship," 2006 For those who have felt the deep pull of faith and are also gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, or who are friends, neighbors, family members [...]

Talking Gay History

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By Congressman Barney Frank Exclusive to Between The Lines While serving as an ambulance driver during the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell was shot in the neck. When people congratulated him on his good luck [...]

Gay History Month: Pioneers

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By Jason Villemez Sergeant Leonard Matlovich When Leonard Matlovich became the first openly gay man to grace the cover of TIME on September 8, 1975, his story had enlivened both the anti-gay military climate and [...]

Karen Williams shares secret for comedic success

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By Imani Williams Karen Williams 8 p.m. Oct. 11 Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle 269 E. Fourth Street, Royal Oak Tickets: $25, $50, $100 Info: or call (248) 398-7105 Doing something well for 23 years [...]

Granholm, Stabenow earn BTL endorsements

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There is much at stake for LGBT people in the election this November. Our supportive Gov. Jennifer Granholm is facing a stiff challenge from a virulently anti-gay, far-right Republican challenger. Our state legislature is controlled [...]

Auto enthusiasts camp up their cars

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Even after Chris McKain's Grand Cherokee was vandalized twice, he still kept his rainbow boa, a rainbow air freshener and a rainbow Star of David in the vehicle. "I want the world to know that [...]

High gas prices got you down?

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The recent spike in gasoline prices is causing a shift in car-buying habits and increased interest in alternate fuels. But there are plenty of every-day, basic strategies consumers can employ to ease the burden of [...]

Ten rules to know when to use snow tires

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By Theodore Olson With all of todayÕs traction control and stability control systems, and front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive vehicles, it can be a bit confusing when trying to decide the value and [...]

Get ready for winter driving now

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Automotive breakdowns, never convenient, can be dangerous in cold weather. Preventive maintenance can help lessen the odds of mechanical failure. Use the following checklist from the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence as a [...]