Parting Glances: Scatterpin peddles pinups

As October pokes her golden-tinted head into the revolving door of life's pricey Four Seasons Hotel, nearby department stores will display Xmas teasers. Bookstores - doing their best to promote goodwill to men, a little [...]

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Maladjusted bigotry is not a job description

By Terry Howcott This is to weigh in on the horrific circumstance of Ferndale, Michigan's Affirmations' wrongful, shameful maltreatment of Kimya Afi Ayodele and Vanessa Marr. For the unfamiliar reader, Kimya Afi Ayodele was terminated [...]

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Homosexuality and pedophilia: The false link

By Joe Kort U.S. Representative Mark Foley is making headlines for his e-mail overtures of underage Congressional pages. Right behind these headlines are those antigay activists quick to jump on the false link between homosexuality [...]

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The high and the sleazy

By Leslie Robinson Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey embarked on his book tour on Sept. 19. At the time he seemed to pop up frequently, hitting programs like "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Today" [...]

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Stabenow endorsement a bad decision

I take serious issue with your endorsement of Debbie Stabenow for U.S. Senate. It's a well known fact among political activists that Stabenow voted to pass the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA). Both houses [...]

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Vote ‘no’ on dove shooting ballot

I thank PrideSource for endorsing the "no" vote on Proposal 3 - the ballot issue on whether or not to allow dove shooting in Michigan. Mourning doves are Michigan's official state bird of peace. They [...]

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Stepping out

Cut1/Darryl Stephens stars in "Boy Culture," which will be featured opening night of the Reel Pride Film Festival. Photo by Duane Cramer Cut 2/Darryl Stephens and co-star Derek Magyar in "Boy Culture." BOX: "Boy Culture" [...]

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It’s yoopers in love at da Purple Rose

REVIEW: 'Escanaba in Love' Purple Rose Theatre Company, 137 Park St., Chelsea. Wed.-Sun., through Dec. 23. Tickets: $25-$35. For information: (734) 433-7673 or Few locally produced plays earn the title "legendary," but Jeff Daniels' [...]

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Knock-down, drag-out love at the Hilberry

By Robert W. Bethune, guest critic REVIEW: 'Private Lives' Hilberry Theatre, 4743 Cass Ave., Detroit. Plays in repertory through Nov. 30. Tickets: $15-$28. For information: 313-577-2972 or Noel Coward's "Private Lives" gives us Amanda [...]

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Curtain Calls ONLINE

Review: 'The Last Resort' Dinner theater moves 'uptown' with comical murder mystery It's amazing how things can change over a two-week period - and sometimes for the better! In one recent press release it was [...]

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Q Scopes

by Jack Fertig October 9, 2006 "Set an example, Aquarius!" Jupiter is squaring Saturn, offering challenges that are keys to opportunity. Hard work should pay off big. The Sun and Mars are in Libra, aspecting [...]

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Diverse sounds to fill Dart Auditorium

LANSING — For the fourth year in a row, Lansing Community College presents Soundscapes 2006, a mass celebration of musical diversity on Oct. 21 and 22 in Dart Auditorium. The concert features LCCÕs music ensembles, [...]

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Q Puzzle

October 9, 2006 "Outings" http://Across 1 Lead-in for sex? 5 Barrie's boys 9 " ___ of Leather, Slippers of Gold" 14 Start of a Shakespearean title 15 Steven's opening 16 Jude Law title role 17 [...]

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Losing it

"20 Centimeters" Reel Pride Film Festival 9:30 p.m. Oct. 15 Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak If Pedro Almodovar had directed "Transamerica," it would have been "20 Centimeters." And it would not have been seen by [...]

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Yo ho ho: A gender-bending we will go

REVIEW: 'Girl King' Written, produced and directed by Ileana Pietrobruno. Released on DVD Oct. 10 by Ariztical Entertainment. Running time: 80 minutes. $29.95. Not rated. In the old days, we're told in the movie "Girl [...]

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Born again in the U.S.A.

Meet Becky Fischer, an evangelical children's minister. Fischer is a large middle-aged woman who wears her yellow hair short and favors gold hoop earrings, wire-rimmed glasses, and, when addressing her young flock, a headset microphone [...]

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It’s nice to have allies, but…

REVIEW: 'I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight' by Margaret Cho An updated trade paperback of the 2005 hardcover available now at local bookstores. Published by The Penguin Group. $14. Margaret Cho book will [...]

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Pet of the Week

Introducing Bear, a very handsome 1-1/2-year-old shorthair tabby cat. His striking green eyes engage everyone he meets — and theyÕre sure to engage you. HeÕs a social fellow, making friends with everyone he meets. Cuddling [...]

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Art & Around for the period Oct. 12-21

ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN/GARDEN TOURS: Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Fall Behind the Scenes tours include "Staff Life on the Estate," "The Secrets Behind the Paintings" and "Cotswold Architecture." Open Tue.-Sun. $10 fee applies to these tours; reservations [...]

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Theater Events for the period Oct. 12-21

PROFESSIONAL THEATER/OPERA: The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison's debut novel about a little girl discovering her own beauty is given loving treatment by playwright Lydia Diamond. Plowshares Theatre Company at the City Theatre, Detroit. Thu.-Sun., Oct. [...]

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National News Briefs

Politics Bush backs House Speaker over Foley coverup WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush and other leading Republicans are backing House Speaker Dennis Hastert after he announced he would not resign over his handling of [...]

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Film fest shows flicks Hollywood won’t

Reel Pride LGBT Film Festival Oct. 13-20 Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak Gay and lesbian films typically land on video store shelves. But it's not because people won't fork over 10 bucks to see [...]

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Key queer flicks

1985: Desert Hearts In 1950s Nevada, professor Vivian Bell gets a divorce and finds herself drawn to out lesbian Cay Rivers in this atypical western-esque film. 1986: Parting Glances As Michael and Robert, a gay [...]

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Working together

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman DETROIT - Working together, AIDS Partnership Michigan and the Ruth Ellis Center have won a $2 million grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The real winners, though, [...]

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Home-grown star

By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman BIRMINGHAM - Voters who are tired of "Toilet Joe" Knollenberg just might be ready to try a Democrat this election year. At least, that's what Nancy Skinner - environmentalist, former talk [...]

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Catholic schoolgirls rule

Poor little lesbian Annabelle. The daughter of a senator with presidential aspirations, Annabelle (Erin Kelly) has been raising hell - and making headlines - with her rebellious behavior. After being expelled once again, she lands [...]

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